About Me

Welcome to my first ever food blogging website. I find it easier taking pictures of food and basically eating out, instead of writing about myself, so here goes.

Eating out in Miami with my cousin in 2014, I started taking  pictures of the dishes on our table prior to stuffing our faces. After the 12th picture or was that 21st  ( am bad with numbers) my cousin wanted to scream she was hungry, but in a tactful way said ” if we are going to starve, at least let it be for a reason. Is there any point in taking all the pictures, if you aren’t going to share your passion with anyone ?”. That comment stuck with me for quite a while and a few months later, during a trip to Seville, my first blog post came to life with the help of Vanessa, who already had a beauty tips blog post at the time.

I love food and most of all the experience of dining out at new places, be it at home or abroad. Being a Nigerian born Brit, exposure to complex flavours in west African dishes definitely plays a part in fanning my curiosity for trying out new dishes at all times. Therefore my blog post covers my time in cities such as Lagos, Barcelona, Seville, Milan, New York, Miami, Marbella, Malaga, Dubai ,  Tangier and London, where am now based.  There are probably other cities , but for now you have to check and find out.

Anyone that reads my blog post will probably notice an emphasis on pictures . The pictures really helps to convey what I feel about the dishes, especially at times when words can’t quite describe emotions going through my head as I taste every bite. Reading a few of my blog posts in 2017, I have noticed a development in my writing style as there’s a bigger focus on describing the various sensations linked to the featured dishes.

Apart from eating out, I love cooking at times so you might find one or two recipes. I mean literally one or two, so keep an eye out for them.