Dinner at Papa L’s Kitchen

I wanted to kick off this year by getting into the rhythm of releasing regular content having failed to write a blog post in 2022, my longest ever stretch. I would have liked to blame it on work , fuel crisis, or our new baby girl, but alas it was simply a case of seeing blogging as hard work and a chore akin to washing countless baby bottles on Friday night. So what made me finally want to start blogging again you ask? well I miss it funnily enough. The satisfaction of going through countless foodie images on my phone in search of the perfect shot for the blog and feeling of relieving the dining experience whilst writing is thrilling and fun. Therefore without further ado in the words of the great Shakespeare, here’s an image filled blog post about dinner at Papa L’s Kitchen on London’s Jermyn street.

What’s on the Menu

Friday night dinner via Open Table with my foodie crew (you might recognise the latecomers from my previous posts) is always a blast, so we were quite looking forward to catching up over African inspired dishes cooked up by founder Head Chef , Lawrence Gomez, previously of the iconic Ivy and Sexy Fish.

The menu is divided into starters such as Papa L’s grilled king Tiger prawns , Coco bread and seared scallops

STAR OF THE MENU : PAPA L’s Prawns and Warm Coco Bread

Grilled king tiger prawns swimming in a bowl of sauce for dinner at Papa L's kitchen
Juicy grilled king tiger prawns was soo tasty I should have ordered 2 plates


Bread being dipped into Papa L's Kitchen grilled king tiger prawn sauce
Hot Coco bread dipped into the grilled king tiger prawn sauce was a match made in heaven

The waiter came over and we asked him for another warm and fluffy coco bread. After finishing that we asked for another batch and another. Yes, it was that good.

Chorizo and scallops always work

For the mains we had  dishes such as stone bass with okra stew, beef short ribs and honey glazed salmon. There’s also a mini bowl of Jollof which went perfectly with the short ribs.

Beef short rib with pickled red cabbage, red onions and chilli. The acidity of the pickled cabbage counteracted the sweetness of the ribs.


Stone bass fillet with Okra stew and scotch bonnet oil. As a Nigerian I am quite familiar with Okra stews and this albeit slightly different reminded me of my childhood.


This honey glazed salmon itself was cooked to perfection albeit Tai found it to be a tad on the sweet side., as in quite sweeet. I personally would have liked the heat dialled up just a little bit but alas I blame that on my Nigerian palate if anything.

There goes our evening and dinner at Papa L’s kitchen restaurant. We stuffed ourselves with the fluffiest Coco bread , ate tons of delicious prawns and mains, laughed through the evening and took the obligatory pictures before heading home to our beds at 9.30pm.

Happy New Year

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