Hi Readers, I wanted to put a quick picture blog post together about last weekend’s dinner at Brat restaurant. The restaurant is situated on Redchurch street in the heart of the ever trendy Shoreditch. I was only able to manage a 5:40pm booking, so jumped at the chance because it was one of those places that gets booked out pretty quickly.

I picked Brat for a variety of reasons.

  1. I love Basque food and they have a number of Basque inspired dishes with meats , fish and even their bread grilled in open flames over coal. Speaking of bread, we could have finished a whole load in one sitting.
  2. They were highly rated by a panel of experts for the Estrella Damm National Restaurant Awards and made the top 10 list out of a list of 100.
  3.  What can I say…I’m a sucker for a Michelin stars. That said it isn’t the main requirement. I have eaten some really good food at places that probably deserve a star for their taste and inventiveness.

So what did  I make of dinner at Brat restaurant I hear you ask? Well ask no more..Just look at the pictures below and imagine what they all taste like when subjected to flames  (apart from the building pictures ofcourse).

Snapshots from the nights dinner

Brat Restaurant : Go upstairs and enjoy some well thought out dishes

Bread & Burnt Onion Butter: If Carlsberg made toasts. The bread was really crispy on the outside and soo soft and juicy on the inside.
Dinner at Brat
Lamb Chop : Elisha had this for her starter…I tasted it and couldnt resist getting some off her plate.
Velvet Crab Soup : Elisha couldn’t have this because she felt the crab was staring at her throughout the whole dinner…well that and she is allergic to the mussels used in the soup base. I kindly grabbed the plate and finished it (there’s a theme happening here) as it was packed full of flavour. This went down a treat.
Hake Kokotxas : Hake prepared in different ways..E and I both agreed the fried hake was the tastiest of the trio. The batter was fantastic and the fish was fresh and juicy. Wouldn’t mind a bigger version of the fried fish.
Mutton Chop with Offal Sausage & Beans: This was warm comfort food at its finest. The offal and beans had a herby and earthy taste. The mutton chop was grilled to perfection. Dinner at Brat restaurant is ticking boxes.
Mutton chop is paired with the offal and beans in the image above. I am licking my lips again looking at this picture.
The aged duck was soo tasty I recommended it to the couple sitting next to us when they saw the feast on our table. The duck was soft, tasted very moreish and went down a treat with the lettuce and sweet peach.
Dinner at Brat restaurant feast :The roasted potatoes in the top left was dripping in oil and tasted soo yumm.Just the way my heart loves it.

Our stomach was packed to the brim with good food and booze by the end of the meal. Dinner at Brat restaurant was definitely memorable.If we had one little regret , it was not trying their famous grilled turbot. However in the words of a famous actor… I’ll be back turbot.

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