Come Steak with me : steak tasting series

I love it juicy, tender and well marbled and by that I mean my steaks of course. Over the course of the pandemic I bought various steaks online. The Australian Jacks Creek , Spanish Txuleta and Australian grade 8/9 Wagyu all brought a smile to my face and made me purr in satisfaction. I wanted my brothers to partake in my steak supper club, so I invited them to a steak tasting night aka ” Come Steak with Me” featuring Steak Shop Jacks Creek , Txuleta Sirloin,  Australian Wagyu Picanha and Gourmet Market Golden Caprice Chuleta.  Elisha came up with the title while I was thinking of blog post names and I said no thanks. Thinking of it captured the evening perfectly.

Come Steak with me : Steak Tasting

Now originally it was just going to be steaks. However being Nigerian I had to cook fried rice because man can not live by meat alone. Rice done, the first brother walked in and screamed ” where’s the Jollof”. I knew it would be a long steak tasting night at that point. The other 2 arrived and the steak night began.

The steak Shop Txuleta Sirloin , Jacks Creek Sirloin and Australian Wagyu Picanha.

Steak Shop

The Gourmet Market Chuleta steak, Rib steak Bone in Golden Caprice and Ribeye Steak Bone-in Galician bone.

The Gourmet Market

I lined up all the steaks and explained all the different types of steaks like they do in Gauchos ( I saw their eyes glancing towards the pot of fried rice at this point) and brought out their ratings card. Each steak will be judged on aroma , flavour , succulence and tenderness and scored out of 10 to find out the nights winner.


The Steak Shop Txuleta Sirloin                                        Scoring 6.1 out of 10

This steak comes from Galician cattles with blonde coats reared in northern Spain. I cooked it well done, but the steak should be medium rare to medium. I liked it and my brothers thought it wasn’t bad either.  We gave this a combined score of 97 out of 160 . I actually rate this Steak highly but it isn’t reflected in the scoring as one brother ( Peter ) scored it low on flavour..which is weird considering it was known world wide for it flavours. It turns out he loves his steak swimming in Maggi and spices, so I quickly told him he had to junk all the additives and just enjoy it with salt…like cavemen did.


A row of Txuleta Sirloin


steak tasting board
Let the steak tasting begin : Come steak with me experience


Come Steak with me


The Steak Shop Australian Wagyu Pichanha              Scoring 6.9 out of 10

The Wagyu Picanha is a cut from the rump cap section of the Wagyu cattle. The boys thought it was succulent and tender with an average of 7.5 to 8 on both criterias. The aroma and flavour had an average scoring of 6.5 ( Peter strikes again..he scored it 4 for aroma and 5 for flavour). This cut had a combined score of 113 out of 160. I give this meat a solid 7

Aussie Wagyu Picanha


The Steak shop Wagyu picanha. A Succulent and tender piece of meat.


Caleb experiencing a meat coma just before the 800kg Golden Caprice Dry aged Steak


The Gourmet Market Chuleta steak, Rib steak Bone in Golden Caprice : Scoring of 7.5 out of 10

This cut comes from a selection of the best Gacilian beef dry aged on Himalayan salt for 50 days. It scored highly on  flavour and succulence with a scoring of an 8 average. The overall scoring was 120 out of 160 which gives it the second highest scoring of the night. I cooked this rare but next time it will be medium to get the best out of it. I have an extra steak in the freezer, so can’t wait to eat this again. Everyone loved the taste, so this comes recommended. Good stuff Gourmet Market .


The Gourmet Market Golden Caprice Chuleta Steak . Look at that soo beautiful


Chuleta Steak on the grill


Chuleta Steak being carved by Peter
Peter carving the Steak


Rare Steak tasting


The Steak Shop  Jacks Creek :                                 Scoring 8.5 out of 10

I reviewed this Steak a few months ago and knew what to expect from farm that produced the World’s best fillet steak in 2017 and won Worlds Best steak producer in 2015. The marbled Steak was very juicy, tender and flavorful. Lanre closed his eyes while eating. I would like to imagine the meat connected with him on some deeper spiritual level…or he was just trying to dig himself out of a meat coma. We all gave this steak a combined score of 136 out of 160. It was that good and luckily I also have some extra steaks in my freezer.

Jacks Creek Steak



My scoring of the nights steaks

Steak Tasting Night winner :

Our come dine with me overall scores :  All the nights Steak was top notch and I am looking forward to more steak nights in the coming months ( Malinie..I know you’re screaming right now, so you’re next on the food tasting rota . We can call it Steak Off).Congratulations on winning this rounds steak tasting Jacks Creek. Waiting to see if anything can take on this steak at my next steak tasting.

Come steak with me combined scoring cards.

Come steak with me : Steak Tasting series video


” It’s not the quantity of the meat, but the cheerfulness of the guests, which makes the feast” in the words of Hyde . Let’s do this again brothers , I had a lovely time.


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