My foodie highlights of 2020

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021 my fellow readers. My first 2021 blog post will cover my foodie highlights of  2020. It was difficult putting this together as restaurants were shut for a good number of months, so I couldn’t really explore new foodie spots. That said I was very lucky as I was given a voucher for Restaurant Story , I visited my favorite chef ever and discovered a place that delivered the most flavorful steak to my door.

Foodie Highlights of 2020

Le Gavroche

What can I say about Le Gavroche and Michel Roux Jr that hasn’t already been said. Visiting his 2 star Michelin restaurant twice pre and post lockdown was my favourite foodie moment of 2020. They cooked very delicious plates of food in a friendly and warm setting. I got to meet the genius himself and stammered throughout our whole conversation. Luckily I had Elisha interpreting the few sounds coming out of my mouth.

Now about the food, their cheese soufflé or Soufflé suissesse was light, creamy and flavourful. It’s a dish worthy of a last meal.

cheese souffle has to be one of my foodie highlights of 2020
Cheese soufflé

White chocolate éclair, vanilla and lime sorbet was the best dessert of the year. Every bite put a smile on my face.

Éclair dessert

The White chocolate ice cream carefully placed on a hot passion fruit soufflé dessert was simply perfect. I honestly can’t find the words. Covid permitting, here’s to visiting Le Gavroche in 2021.

passion fruit souffle is one of my foodie highlights of 2020
passion fruit soufflé


Giants of Gastronomy : Eating the world famous soufflé suissesse , a signature dish once cooked by Roux Brothers has to be one of my foodie highlights of 2020 .

Since I last visited Le Gavroche, the world of gastronomy has lost the great Albert Roux and Michel Roux Snr. They founded Le Gavroche in the 60’s and made it the UK’s 1st, 2nd and 3 star Michelin star restaurant, which is a great achievement indeed. Their greatest achievement however has to be the great chefs they have taught and inspired over the years. Now that’s what I call a legacy.

Restaurant Story foodie Highlights

I had a 10 course changing seasonal menu at Restaurant Story, a Michelin star restaurant on Tooley Street. The dishes were all paired with fine bottles of wine. I definitely walked out of that restaurant tipsy.  Some of the most memorable plates were:

A langoustine with black Garlic mayonnaise and Spirulina powder .  Who knew fresh langoustine immersed in pool of garlic mayo and spirulina powder would be so magical..well the chef did..but chef aside.. who knew.

Restaurant story Langoustine and garlic mayonnaise
My foodie highlights of 2020 : Restaurant story Langoustine and garlic mayonnaise

I thought the waiter was having a laugh when he asked me to try the melted candle wax. Tom Seller’s candle was made out of beef fat and tasted yumm with sourdough bread and gravy. The heart wants what it wants in the words of Selena Gomez and she was spot on. My heart wanted more of that beef fat.

Candle wax gravy

Bob’s Lobster foodie highlights

I checked out Bob’s lobster right next to London’s bridge Shard during the government’s Eat Out Help Out scheme.  They served the tastiest lobster rolls and a moreish lobster cheese macaroni. Check out a few of the pics below:

A lobster claw, tail, knuckle and crayfish in a custom brioche, rapeseed mayo, and house celery salt

Lobster claw roll brioche

3 cheese macaroni, with lobster bisque béchamel, lobster knuckle and tail meat topped with shallots

Bob’s Lobster Mac and Cheese

Talking Drum

Eating out at Victor Okunowo’s (master chef semi finalist) restaurant has to be one of my foodie highlights of 2020. I have known Victor for a number of years so it was quite inspiring watching him cook and compete against other skilled chefs. I checked out his Old Kent restaurant and enjoyed some tasty dishes such as his chicken tacos and Moi Moi (Bean cake) and King prawns.

Eating dinner at Victor Okunowo Talking Drum

The Steakshop

I ordered Steak online from a place called the Steakshop and absolutely loved it. The Jacks Creek , Txuleta Sirloin and Grade 8-9 Australian Wagyu were all to die for. My favourite soo far has to be the Jacks Creek for it’s flavour , marbling and taste with the Txuleta sirloin being a very close second. If you do want something that tastes a bit different to your traditional steak however, then Wagyu has to be top of that list. The great thing I like about the Steakshop has to be their online deals. They have a number of 15% -25% discounts that come in very handy.

Rare and medium rare Jacks creek steak

There goes my favourite dishes of 2020. Here’s hoping for an end to this pandemic so that restaurants can get back on their feet.

See you soon

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