Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango

Hi readers, hope you enjoyed last week’s Bob’s lobster review. At the end of that blog post I promised to review  restaurants that signed up to the governments Eat out help out scheme. An article in the daily mail mentioned the scheme being used 10.5 million times in the first week of august. That 50% discount on food and non alcoholic drinks up to the value of £10 is real a game changer. Casa do Frango , a restaurant I reviewed in 2019 signed up to this scheme, so I booked a table for 2 and visited with Ken, a friend from work.  Here goes my Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango blog post. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Casa do Frango is based in a large warehouse, just a few minutes walk from the world famous Borough Market.


The restaurant’s Portuguese menu had dishes such as Batatas fritas (fries ), grilled chorizo , Piri Piri garlic prawns, bacalhau and chickpea fritters , almondegas (Portuguese beef meatballs and thyme slow cooked in tomato sauce) , Piri piri chicken etc.


They had 2 spicy beers, a Piri piri Pilsner and a Piri piri fogo which was extra spicy. Ken pours chilli on everything he eats at work (if he could, he will add it to even ice cream) so I wasn’t surprised when he grinned while drinking the extra spicy fogo


Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango
Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango : Ken picked the Green rice – Peas, plantain, mushrooms and crispy artichoke. I had a spoon or 2 of his rice for quality assurance purposes (cough). The rice dish was delicious and moreish. The sort of dish that makes you slow down so that the moment lasts that much longer.


Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango : African rice – Crispy chicken skin , chorizo and plantain. Casa do frango certainly knows how to cook rice dishes. The texture and flavors were bang on. I think they should add an extra rice dish to the two they have on the menu as they seem quite good at this.


Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango
Eat out help out scheme deal at Casa do Frango : Chicken grilled over wood charcoal , brushed with piri piri sauce was mega delicious. The seasoning was bang on. Not salty or spicy, just well balanced. There’s a small cup of piri piri sauce for people that want their chicken to have a spicy kick.


Piri Piri chicken , just the way it should be done. They also have lemon and oregano chicken if you prefer a more herby flavor.


Casa do Frango feast : African rice, Piri Piri chicken and green rice


Casa do frango restaurant

Unfortunately we didn’t order any dessert because Ken didn’t want to get ” rid of the taste of the chicken”, yep he enjoyed it that much. lol. That and we wanted to stay within budget.  The cost of the meal ( Green rice, African rice, 2 Piri Piri half chicken and 2 beers ) came up to a total of £26.13, which is just over £13 each. This means we could have ordered a dessert and still walked out spending less than £20 each.  If you are planning on using the governments eat out help out scheme deal, Casa do frango is definitely a place you have to check out.  I still recommend it after the scheme ends.

Speaking of which, they provided free NHS meals to staff at one of my hospitals ( Guys and St Thomas ) during the Covid lockdown.Massive thanks for the meals. Very appreciated


  1. Elisha
    August 25, 2020 / 5:10 pm

    Looks fab can not wait to visit

    • Michael Makele
      September 5, 2020 / 12:05 pm

      We should definitely try out their custard tarts

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