Eat out help out scheme deal at Bob’s Lobster

The government kicked off a new scheme to get people back in restaurants in August called the Eat out help out scheme. I scrolled through all the restaurant offers , and the discounts offered by the Eat out help out scheme deal at Bob’s lobster really stood out from the list.  They had an eye catching £10 off per person deal for lobster and crayfish sandwiches worth £20 on Monday to Wednesdays. I quickly passed it by Kirk, an old school friend and as soon as he gave the thumbs up, I booked a table for 2.


They hire out their Portable Lobster Shack, a 1950’s VW Campers van for food & wine events

 Best made plans

We made plans to make the best use of this deal by getting only the lobster and crayfish roll and some beer as the last thing we wanted was to spend all our Covid lockdown savings on £40 dishes masquerading as deals. One look at the menu however and we knew our plan stood no chance. why you ask?

I blame it on the £14 Bob’s Lobster Mac and Cheese:

A 3 cheese macaroni, with lobster bisque béchamel, lobster knuckle and tail meat topped with shallots. The creaminess, balance of flavour’s and moerishness nearly brought out the golem in us. If this was back in our school days in Lagos,  we might have fought over who got the tail, but nowadays we just smirked and did our best to share the bowl equally, even if Kirk tried to keep a whole knuckle to himself.  We ate this dish pretty slow and regretted not ordering 2 bowls. It was that good.

Dont share the lobster mac and cheese
Eat out help out scheme deal at Bob’s Lobster : Lobster Mac N cheese.

Lobster and Crayfish roll

The lobster claw, tail, knuckle and crayfish in a custom brioche, rapeseed mayo, and house celery salt seasoning was a triumph. Just like the Mac and cheese, you end up wanting more of this. The brioche holds perfectly well together without falling apart, meaning you get a mouthful of warm toasted brioche filled lobster with every bite. Kirk looked at me and said “this guy..I want another one”.  Luckily 2 of my friends ( Sue and Rob) just finished their meal at Texas Joe and planned to get us out for more drinks, so we decided to stay true to our plan.  Here are lovely images of the lobster and craysfish rolls.


Lobster and crayfish packed into a brioche roll lined with Mayo
Eat out help out scheme deal at Bob’s Lobster


Eat out help out scheme deal at Bob’s Lobster : Lobster heaven


Bob’s lobster wine and bar kitchen : It’s a lobster and crayfish roll feast


A close up of the juicy lobster roll


Yes, he loves wearing shades indoors.

There goes our time at Bob’s lobsters wine and bar kitchen. The eat out help out scheme discount was well worth it, even if we didn’t stick to our original plan. I am looking forward to more deals over the coming weeks.

Bye for now.


  1. Lauren
    August 9, 2020 / 8:35 pm

    That lobster roll looks so juicy and moreish! Glad you enjoyed and didn’t stick to the plan haha!

    • Michael Makele
      September 5, 2020 / 12:06 pm was soo hard sticking to the plan lol

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