Nigerian Spinach , lamb and prawn stew ( Efo )

Hello readers, how’s your weekend coming along. Here’s a quick blog post about how to cook Nigerian spinach , lamb and prawn stew also known as Efo to the yoruba’s. I made a spinach and melon seed stew ( Efo egusi ) a while back, so make sure you check out that blog post for the recipe.

Nigerian Spinach , lamb and prawn stew ( Efo )

I started teaching Elisha how to speak Yoruba a few months ago and the sentence that stuck the most was ” I want Efo ( mo fe Efo ) and good morning ( Ekaro ). She managed to combine both earlier today, so as a mini treat I decided to cook some spinach stew with a twist.  The twist being I couldn’t add the usual Nigerian meats such as cow foot and tripe  ( assorted meats ) because she finds it freaky and she isn’t on ” that Nigerian level yet ” , so I had to make do with just lamb and prawns.  I found all the Ingredients I needed on Croydon high street.


3 bell peppers, 1 scotch bonnet , spinach (400g ) , crayfish , 2 onions, 1/4 of a cup, palm oil, 4 knorr cubes, lamb , prawns , aromat seasoning, curry seasoning , salt and black pepper.

Nigerian Spinach stew ingredients

Nigerian Spinach , lamb and prawn stew Cooking Video


Blend bell peppers, onion and scotch bonnet ( for non Nigerians use 0.5 – 1 scotch bonnet. Elisha had 1.5 scotch bonnets and her comment was ” my mouth’s on fire ” )

Season lamb with curry , aromat , 2 knorr chicken cubes , salt and pepper. Boil the lamb for almost an hour and save stock for use later. Pan fry the meat for 5-10 mins.

Pour 1/4 – 1/2 cup of palm oil to a pan , 2 knorr cubes and add a diced onion on medium heat for 3 minutes. Pour in the pepper blend and leave covered for 15-20 mins. Add a cup of lamb stock to the pot and leave for another 3 mins.

Pour all your fried lamb into the stew , add 2 tbs of crayfish and seasoning such as salt , pepper and aromat. I didn’t add a lot of salt because the stock already had some. You can all add other boiled assorted meats at this point to give it flavour. Let it cook for a further 10 -15 mins.

Add your diced spinach … go for 400g of spinach. Let it cook for 3 minutes, add your peeled prawns and switch off the cooker. Make sure you leave the lid on as you want the heat to cook the prawns.

Pouring some spinach into the stew base

Peeled prawns .. I love this pic

Peeled juicy prawns poured into the efo

spinach , lamb and prawn stew complete.

Spinach , lamb and prawn stew : Efo

You can have it with some flat bread, plantain , or rice .

Nigerian spinach stew


Thanks for giving it a read and hope you learnt how to cook my Nigerian spinach , lamb and prawn stew.


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