Piri Piri Roast and BBQ chicken

Hello readers, how’s the COVID 19 lockdown coming along?. Hope you are getting used to remote working ..cough ..cough ..Netflix and chill. My week days are spent at work, while evenings and weekends are now spent cooking and grilling everything in sight.

Piri Piri roast and BBQ chicken

I cooked and grilled a piri piri roast and BBQ chicken few hours ago and absolutely loved it. I must have been craving Casa do Frango‘s flame grilled roast chicken.

For the Ingredients I mixed 3 tbs of paprika, 3 tbs of piri piri, 1 tbs of crushed chillies, 1 tbs of brown sugar , juice of 2 lemons,1/4 cup of olive oil  and 1 teaspoon of salt and black pepper, in a bowl.

Piri piri marinade


Turn the 1.4 Kg chicken breast side down and remove the spine by using a pair of scissors to cut along the sides.


Rub the piri piri marinade on both sides and keep the rest for basting


Put some thyme and rosemary in a roasting tin and place the chicken ( skin side down ) on top. Place in a 200C oven for 15 minutes, bring it out , flip over and add the marinade. Place in the oven for 15 more minutes, bring out to add the marinade and leave for 30 more minutes in the oven. You can either marinade it again after the 30 mins mark , turn up the heat and leave for 15 more mins or you can place on the BBQ for 10 mins each side.


I placed mine on the BBQ and smoked it 20 mins in total



Piri piri roast and BBQ chicken …with everything .


I love my Moroccan rug..so I thought it would make a good photo opportunity. I grilled a few things on the BBQ ( potatoes , pineapple .. you name it) that also tasted yumm.

This is propably one of the best ways to spend a weekend. Grilling things on fire and swallowing it down with some nice cold  drinks.

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