Caribbean vibes at London Jerk festival

Jerk joint

Readers, you know how much I love food, cooking food, dining out , visiting pop up stalls, however food is presented, I always get involved.

When a secondary school friend  ( have known Kirk for almost 2.5 decades ) sent a message containing the words London Jerk Festival , I replied ‘lets go’ without a second thought. A quick scan of the London Jerk Festival website revealed this was going to be a festival showcasing the best in Jerk; Jerk chicken, Jerk Pork, Jerk chicken wings , Jerk prawns and Vegan jerk. The celebrations of Caribbean culture was going to include Live Dj acts and community speakers . The ticket prices were actually relatively cheap for London  ranging from  £5 – £20 on Eventbrite .

London Jerk Festival Banner
London jerk festival

Kirk and I caught up at Hackney Wick station on the day of the festival and walked towards the venue. Even at a distance,  we could smell the seasoning coming from the many food stalls, the music was loud and energetic and Jamaican flags were flying high. Although we tried to catch up with each other’s  lives and talk about serious issues,  chicken  came up in the conversation  multiple times as we were hungry.

Kirk’s friend arrived and we hit the festival.  Immediately  you could feel  the Caribbean  vibe, reggae music blasting from the speakers , stalls filled with soo much smoke you felt like you were the one being jerked and different kinds of sweet alcoholic nectar such as rum punches and ginger beers.  The rum punch sent me back to my holiday in Dominica, easy to drink but you definitely need a nap afterwards.

Caribbean holiday snaps: A rum Punch bar at the beach
Caribbean holiday snaps: A rum Punch bar at the beach


Dominican rum at bubble beach
Dominican rum at bubble beach

I am definitely looking forward to visiting Dominica again. Now  back to the Hackney festival..The  dishes we had were priced from £7.50 – £8.50, a slightly higher cost margin (by £1 ) than your average stall food. This wasn’t an issue on the day though as the Jerk was on point. Check out the days Vid and Pics below.

Click on the London jerk festival video below


A few of the day’s pictures

The jerk peddler


The jerk peddler chicken
The jerk peddler chicken


Kirk loved this Jerk peddler chicken soo much he got a takeaway . It’s a shame their award winning strawberry wings sold out.
Good food Chef


Rudies Jerk
Rudies Jerk dishes


Rudies jerk dishes
Rudies always seemed to have a long queue, so we tried out their dishes.The pork was quite succulent


Rudies jerk pork and plantain
Rudies jerk pork and plantain


Renee's Kitchen
Carribean vegan food


London jerk festival Vegan food
Renee’s kitchen Vegan food : island curry with sweet potatoes , chickpeas etc . The other dish might be a vegan chicken dish. Maxine liked the curry I think.


London jerk festival hotdogs
Jerk hotdog stall : a big regret was not trying out one of these.


Cocktails by the river . Loved the Rum Punch. It’s a shame we couldn’t find a Guinness Punch at the event though.


Drinks by the river
Drinks by the river


London jerk festival 2019: Heres to more foodie events Kirk

There goes our time at Hackney’s London Jerk Festival, Jerk dishes , rum Punch and Caribbean vibes, a great day out.

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