A foodie guide to eating out in Torvehallerne food market, Copenhagen

Tapas del toro chefs

I attended a friends lovely wedding in Denmark, Copenhagen last week and thought why not write a series of blog posts about the things I got up to in Copenhagen. Now by things I got up to, I actually meant stuffing my face to my hearts content. No soul searching posts here or quotes about finding one’s self whilst walking around this beautiful city ( blogger cliches). It’s just going to be plain gluttony really, starting with a foodie guide to eating out in Torvehallerne food market. I ate way more in Sweden, Malmo to be exact, so look out for that post soon as well.

I spent 2 out of my 4 days in Torvehallerne food market and these are the reasons

Hallernes Smorrebrod

This stall served the most delicious Smorrebrod, which translates as Danish open sandwiches. It’s mostly made up of different types of meat and fish dishes with accompaniments such as lemon, capers and various dressings sitting on a bed of Danish rye bread. I went for the fillet of Plaice with remoulade dressing , dill , capers and lemon. The remoulade dressing spread on the buttered plaice, reminded me of something  I had at my swedish friend’s place ( Big up Umea, Sandra ). A cross between a tartare sauce and mayonnaise. I licked the plate and almost screamed for more.

Hallernes Smorrebrod


Smorrebrod counter at Torvehallerne market



Buttered fillet of plaice smorrebrod
Delicious Smorrebrod



I went to this stall to slurp down some oysters. I asked the fishmonger for some ideas, so he picked 3 Gillardeau and 3 Tarbouriech oysters.


Oyster board





Nice variety of oysters


His recommendations were spot on as the oysters were fresh, salty and creamy.



Creamy and salty oysters
Gillardeau oysters


Tapas del Toro 

I spent 2 – 3 hours eating at this tapas stall, which ended up being my go to place everytime I walked through the market. One of the customers sitting next to me recommended a delicious Pulpo dish and a glass of sherry. A bite of this dish was what glued me to one of the stools lined up around the stall

Torvehallerne food market Tapa del Toro




One of the chef’s ( Christian ) recommended a dish I can only describe as a meat lovers paradise.Iberian ham with mushrooms and beef in sherry , topped up with a generous drizzle of red wine reduction. The meat was simply sweet and juicy. Every bite was followed by a gulp of red wine also recommeded by the chef.

Torvehallerne food market
Tapas del toro kitchen


Ham, mushrooms , beef, sherry and red wine reduction


Tasty and crispy fried fish was next on the menu. By the time I ate this dish I was almost about to pass out from all the food.

Fried fish

Copenhagen Opera Festival

Food aside, if there’s something I love, it’s opera. I was pretty amazed when I saw various performances right outside the market. Here’s a vid 🙂

There goes my time at this impressive supermarket and my foodie guide of Toverhallerne food market. It opens between 10am – 7pm on weekdays  ( 8pm on fridays ) and up till 5pm on Sundays. Copenhagen is quite expensive and  Toverhallerne market is no different, albeit with relatively cheaper dishes. If you do get to visit Copenhagen, make sure you spend a few hours here.

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