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You may not be aware but I am a very competitive
person and I love a challenge. So imagine the excitement when I received an
email from PR agency, asking whether I could possibly write a review on
Sourdough Bread from the award winning bakery GRADZ. Easy
answer, ‘Yes of course!’, especially after reading the hand crafted breads were
the creation of two master bakers, Gabriel Romuald
and Agnes DamaZ, overall winners of the 2016
Tiptree World Bread Awards

What was the challenge, I hear you ask???? The
number of loaves!!!!! I recognised sadly that I was going to need a little

Delivery was straight to the door: 
My brother had the task of waiting for the bread to arrive as I was
at work at the time and could not wait to get home, especially after he sent me pictures
of my bread box

Sourdough bread heaven
Bread wonderland

How many flavours of Sourdough
are there?

Just by looking at the
packaging, I knew these loaves were going to be special. On the back of all
packages you will find the history of Gradz. Make sure you give it a read when
you buy a loaf because the story really sums up what the company is about.
The Gradz bakery website also details the nutritional content of each the
loaves and description of all of the different recipes.

I never knew there were
soo many different varieties of Sourdough. GRADZ bakery offers Spirulina and Pumpkin Seeds, Amaranth, Oats and Flax, Rye, Rye and Honey, Cherry Buns, Gluten Free etc. Soo many different flavours and textures

Gradz fine artisan


The Gradz story : inspired by a grandfather



Crafted in London with love

Whilst staring at all that
bread, I remembered thinking I needed to share this with my NHS colleagues at
Viapath. Everyone one I asked that night said ‘ yeah, please bring some
butter’ , with the exception of Elisha and Cristina that asked for cheese
and ham sourced from Borough Market. So I packed my bags with some bread and
headed into Borough Market (cough) I meant work. I managed to get some cheese
from Alsop and Walker (tasted divine) and melt in your mouth Iberico ham from

A bag filled with bread


Finest cheese


Brindisa Iberica ham


Bring bread and they will come

Usually I go to morning tea alone but during this week, I made
some new friends courtesy of Gradz. Everyday we would gather at morning tea to
break bread . The loaves were opened, butter was spread
and cheese was handed out, sometimes no accompaniments were needed.
Some of the loaves tasted so good, you could eat it all by itself. Everyone
would describe their favourite with others rushing to taste different ones.

What is your favourite number

Each of the loaves are
numbered, and each number represents a recipe  from Agnes’s 
Great Grandfather.   
Recipe Number 14 was the first to
be demolished:  the Oats and Flax sourdough bread was soft tasty with a
lovely texture. This bread had flavour and quite a few agreed that they would
definitely buy this loaf.  Even with just a thin layer of butter this
bread was delicious.


My first set of foodie


I made new lunch friends


Working lunch


Official bread tasters


The Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed bread (Recipe No 12 ) stands
out from the pack due to its  bright green colour. It was also a tasty
bread with some of the depth and flavour of a good sourdough. The texture was
soft and flavours complex. Another very good moreish loaf Gradz bakery. A
colleague took some home and was surprised when her kid said ” mummy, the
smell of that toasted bread is lovely “.  He finished it all
apparently and that
doesn’tsurprise me at all. This Spirulina and Pumpkin Seed
bread won an award at the world bread awards.  Its definitely that good.


Spirulina and Pumpkin bread

dark bread with sunflower seeds  is a gluten free bread that was rated
highly. The bread does not crumble and dry out like some other gluten free
breads. The pumpkin seeds are a nice addition that add flavour and texture.
There was a comment or two about the number of seeds, however on the whole
colleagues that eat gluten free bread on a daily basis were impressed.

Dark bread with sunflower seeds


Gradz dark bread with sunflower seeds

Recipe Number 20, is the one that I still
dream about and if you only try one thing from GRADZ bakery this is it, there
were screams of disappointed when it was finished. Number 20 is a plaited sweet
bun with sour cherry and crumble topping,  yes I will say that again 
a sour cherry and crumble topping. This is what you need to wake up to, the
breakfast item that will get you kicking off your duvet and running to the
kitchen. Forget breakfast pack it for lunch and make everyone around jealous as
you make lovely noises.  Number 20 is delicious and moreish, you need to
have another  one on standby because it is not for sharing. Alone it was
amazing but slightly toasted, with butter and a cup of tea and you will feel
like you are treating yourself to something very special

Bun with sour cherries

Recipe Number 19 was the 100% Rye and Honey Sourdough bread .This bread was dense and flavorful with hints of honey.
Many agreed that this sourdough would go well with soups


Sunday Funday 

Recipe Number 17: This is for you brunch lovers,
I love making eggs on Sunday and what better way to kick of the
weekend than having fried eggs with toasted Amaranth slices (No 17)


Why you should buy this   

To be
honest, I hardly buy bread and would much rather toast a bagel until now. I
never thought I would enjoy bread so much, all the loaves I tried tasted
wholesome, fresh and delicious, as if they were freshly baked that morning. Some
of the bags were open for a couple of days and loosely closed but the slices
still tasted just as fresh as when I first opened the packet. There is so much
choice, Sourdough does not need to be hard or tough or something you treat
yourself to once in a while. You can enjoy fresh soft tasty delicious melt in
your mouth watering bread at home.

Ocado now offers bread from Gradz bakery, so make sure you check out the site for all their offerings. 


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