Street feast at Woolwich public market review

Woolwich market street feast food

A quick trip to Woolwich public market Street Feast food stalls after work revealed an array of stalls selling drinks and different dishes. I was pretty impressed when I saw the variety of food stalls on display. The first thing that came to mind was when did this actually open and how come I had no idea. Well it turns out it opened just a few months ago, in March to be exact. A few comments on twitter from the Street Feast founder Jonathan Downey really centred on the various battles he had to go through opening Street Feast opposite the Royal Arsenal developments. I am glad the permission was granted for the public market to be transformed on weekends because Woolwich or Plumstead road is not exactly a cool place to hang out or spend friday evenings. A new foodie spot can really transform a place for good. Check out pictures of my evening below

Public market opening hours


Street Feast


Drinks galore


3 pints of Spiced Mojitos for £25


Salt Shed sold some very tasty salt beef short rib steaks , lamb steaks, crackling pig tails , mixed fries and fried olives. I opted for the delicious beef short ribs in honey glaze , chili chimchuri and fries. You can taste the coal in the slight layers of fat lining the beef. I absolutely loved it.  This set me back about £10.

Salt shed


Beef ribs


Salt shed’s delicious Short Ribs heaven


Burger and beyond also served some decent burgers albeit a little overpriced for £7 . The waffle fries and secret sauce was definitely the star of the menu.

Cheese burger


Waffle fries and secret sauce


Yum Bun served some tasty steamed dumplings. Their pork and chive with xian chilli oil was moreish. That said I wanted it to have a bit more of a kick. I have to try out the pork belly steamed buns next time.  Yumplings cost a fiver.



Pork and chive with xian chilli oil


Congratulations to the Street Feast team on their efforts to transform Woolwich. I hope to check out a few more stalls soon , especially the  rotisserie chicken and wood oven pizzas spots.  As it turns out I am heading to Woolwich today so a quick detour for some ribs or rotisserie chicken might be in order. Yep, its going to be a chicken..or ribs, beer , duvet and royal wedding afternoon.

Woolwich public market



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