The smoking goat review

Smoking goat delight

Hello readers, How’s your week coming along?. Have eaten soo much over the past few days, I think have put on a ton. Yes even more than usual because am Louis’s self appointed dedicated foodie tour guide. This was his third day in London ( see my previous post ) and the plan was to drag my friend to all the restaurants on my foodie lists. The next restaurant on my list was a Thai BBQ place called the Smoking goat on 7 Denmark street ( WC2H 8LZ) , a few minutes walk from Tottenham court road station. 

One of the first thing that gets you is the waff of aromas coming out of the kitchens. A lemongrass wonderland. We scanned the menu quickly while waiting for Diran ( who arrived almost 60 minutes late by the way) and many of the dishes massively stood out. The chilli fish sauce wings (£7) , goat sausage with tumeric and chilli ( £4 ),  smoked goat shoulder (£34) , Cornish lamb ribs with pickles (£11) and  rarebreed pork chop to name a few. We settled for the first four and all I can say is…..Bucket loads of flavour galore.

Smoking goat menu

The chicken wings in fish sauce had a crispy and gelatinous texture, just the way I like it. It was also
 slighty tangy with just subtle hints of the chilli heat and sweetness. The sauce around it was soooo good, we dipped some of our unlimited sticky rice inside. It really felt like being in foodie heaven at
this point. I think I saw a tear drop from Louis’s eyes.  The second starter we had, the goat sausage was also good, with little hints of tumeric. I felt bad for it because even though it tasted good, there was no competing against those chicken wings

Delicious sticky chicken wings in fish sauce



Tasty goat sausage

Wings and sausages were gobbled up pretty fast and our mains soon followed. Their signature dish, the smoky goat shoulder and noodles for two, was almost moan inducing. The goat meat was tender , juicy and very flavourful. We saw people struggle a bit with their portions, but we had no issue at all. It was soo tasty, we decided to fight for the last dregs of meat on the bone. Well we couldnt really fight over food, so we settled for playing a game of rock, paper, scissors. Winner takes the rest.

Tender and juicy smoked goat shoulder with crispy noodles



Smoked goat shoulder



Look at that lovely meat


The moment he lost…Scissors wins the meat



Cherish the goat

Did i mention that we still had unlimited rice and that sticky sauce from the chicken wings to swallow the morsels of goat with ? Well we did. Diran finally showed up as we were finishing off the meat. Nigerian mean time strikes yet again.He ordered some pretty tasty ribs and those chicken wings. We made him order the wings by using a jedi mind trick. 

Smoked Cornish lamb ribs with pickles


Three musketeers

We had a lovely time at this restaurant. Good food in an intimate environment. What’s there not to like. The customer service was also pretty good. I’m looking forward to visiting all their restaurants, the new branch in Shoreditch including. 

All this writing is making me hungry. It’s tme for dinner 🙂                                                                                                                    Hope you enjoyed the read and see you soon

That’s a happy man



  1. Daisuki Smile
    November 22, 2017 / 8:06 pm

    Suki here! Sounds like a pleasant restaurant to dine in- I would go there for their delicious chicken wings and unlimited sticky rice. 🙂

    • Michael Makele
      November 26, 2017 / 3:40 am

      It’s a lovely restaurant Suki. I definitely want to go back. Especially their new site in Shoreditch

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