A review of London’s Zuma restaurant

Zuma giant dessert tower

Trying to write a blog post review about a high end modern Japanese restaurant I visited two weeks ago in London’s Knightsbridge isnt the easiest task. So for inspiration, am kicking off my saturday morning by drinking champagne in bed at 8am in the hope that such Brexit averse living will reignite memories of that nights decadence. It may also be that I just want an excuse to drink at this hour, so adding apple juice to the champagne was the perfect healthy balance. Who say’s I cant do healthy?. Okay, am going off track. Here goes a review of London’s Zuma restaurant.

The venue itself wasnt overwhelmingly luxurious, but still oozed class. You had your wooden tables like classic japanese restaurants , granite bench tops and decor that reminded me of  Roka . The atmosphere was electric even at 6pm and the vibe in this restaurant is one that makes you want to have a very good evening by maxing your card out on fancy cocktails and lobsters. My friend was celebrating a new aquisition so it was only right we reminisced about things finally working out after a number of years. So celebrate we did. Sake, cocktails, tequila and more cocktails while eating some very tasty dishes really made this a lavish evening that ended in Bulgari and Novikov.

Old fashion


Probably had 2 of these


Hand crafted poison

My memory in tatters, this is what actually ordered for the evening . We had some slices of pink seabass with salmon roe and generous amount of truffle oil. This suzuki no sashimi was fresh and tasty.

Tasty pink sea bass and truffle oil with salmon roe

Dynamite Spider maki containing soft shell crabs, chilli mayonnaise, cucumber and wasabi tobiko sauce along with a california maki containing fresh crab, avocado and tobiko. The dynamite spider maki was amazing. Heck, everything was.

Dynamite spider and California Maki

Yaki-imo no teruyaki gake : delicious chargrilled sweet potato with teriyaki and sesame. The fluffy centre covered in teriyaki was melt in your mouth sensational.

Sweet potato with teriyaki and sesame


Tokudai wafu asparagasu: Yes you guessed right..it’s tasty asparagus with wafu sauce and sesame.

Asparagus with wafu sauce and sesame

Yakitori-negima yaki: chicken skewers with baby leek were well seasoned and tasty. You could taste the grill in each bite.

Robata grilled chicken skewers

Isi ebi no oven yaki hojiso butter fuumi : The roasted lobster with green chili and garlic hojiso butter was one of the best lobsters have ever had. The slightly sweet lobster, garlic butter and lemon was a match made in heaven. Each morsel was moist and packed full of flavour.

Roasted lobster with green chilli and garlic hojiso butter


Flavourful and moist : Roasted lobster with green chilli and garlic hojiso butter

Just when i thought the dishes we had couldnt be topped, Andre our waiter brought an amazing dessert that I can only describe as sensational. I couldnt even find it on the menu. Pecans, caramel, melting chocolate and banana’s came to mind. Andre asked what I thought about the desssert and I told him it was awful jokingly and his response was “You hated it soo much you left bite marks all over the plate I can see “. It was soo good I nearly ate the darn plate.

Pecan pie, caramel sundae, bananas and melting chocolate fondant dessert


I had a really nice time at Zuma. The customer service was very good, the ambience was electric and each dish really hit my foodie spot. The bill ( Thanks Debs) was Brexit divorce bill worthy without a doubt, so make sure you’re in the mood to splurge when you do visit. This is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best restaurants have been to in London . This review of London’s Zuma restaurant is definitely one of my faves.

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