Majority of you already know how I feel about a good plate of spicy jollof rice, so on hearing about an Eat drink Lagos Jollof festival taking place at the Nigerian railway compound, Ebute-Metta, I just had to attend.The last blog post I wrote featured a Jollof rice dish that was quite lacking in taste and substance as such an opportunity to stuff my face at a festival that had various types of Jollof rice couldnt be missed. The brief given to the various vendors at the festival was to re-imagine Jollof and after trying out the various combinations, the vendors definitely met the brief. The various dishes we tried out were;

Coconut Jollof rice and Lamb grills stand

This vendor had lamb chops, suya spiced chicken wings, grilled chicken etc. I wasnt a massive fan of the coconut Jollof as coconut in a tomato stew base isnt a match made in heaven, however the grills tasted delighftul. The lamb chops with a smoked herb flavour was the star of the evening. The suya spiced crispy wings was juicy and tender.

Coconut Jollof



Coconut Jollof rice and tasty lamb grill



Suya spiced wings


Tasty grilled chicken

Chef Benedicts Jollof rice and pork stew 

This Jollof rice cooked in a fish stock stew base was the tastiest Jollof rice have had in a while. The brain child of an italian trained chef, the rice was herby and very flavourful. As it turns out, the chef has a supper club happening this weekend that am thinking of checking out.

Flavourful Jollof rice and pork


Jollof risotto with special gas meat at Captain Licious 

My friend liked this dish a fair bit, however she raved about Chef Benedicts rice after, so I guess the latter was that good.

Captain Licious Menu



Jollof risotto and gas meat

Food aside, they also had games such Table tennis, Jenga and scrabbles all over the place so that kept people entertained. It was also nice spending time with friends.Scroll down for a few pictures of the evening.





Jemmie stuffing her face


Lolade thinking of whisky


people eating at eat drink lagos festival of jollof
Jollof festival


Free cup of Guinness


Home time

There goes our time at this lovely celebration of all that’s Jollof. I had such a good time at this Eat Drink Lagos Festival of jollof and I hope events such as these continue.


  1. Hespree
    August 24, 2017 / 7:30 pm

    Lol. I'm always thinking of whiskey.

    • Michael Makele
      August 25, 2017 / 8:33 am

      I definitely know that lol

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