Breakfast in Dunkirk


Tasty bagel

My bank holiday weekend kicked off early with a visit to the Netherlands for a friends wedding (Luke and Wendy). We pretty much left for Folkestone around 6am, so as expected it was a sluggish walk to the car. I didn’t sleep well all night due to nightmares you see. So what could keep me up I hear you ask? , well it was going to be a long journey and I kept on dreaming about being subjected to Dave’s Justin Bieber collection. As it so turns out though, I had nothing to fear I guess it isn’t too late to say sorry Dave ( I just couldn’t resist ). We made it to Folkestone in very good time and got on our train with just a few minutes to spare, 10 to be a exact. It was at this point that we decided on how to break up our journey as the place we were going to, Ede was a bit quiet to say the least. We had no clue where to pick, but chose Dunkirk due to its history. For those of you who don’t know about Dunkirk, it’s where the allied forces were trapped in by the Germans during the invasion of France. You’ve probably seen the beach landing scene in many films and games.  About 330,000 British, French , Belgium and Dutch soldiers were evacuated from the beach in naval and civilian vessels ,however quite a number lost their lives on that beach. Sad thinking about it actually.


Euro tunnel
Train time


Dunkirk it is


Dunkirk shore

 Walk around the beach over, it was now time to find some much needed food. The first place we stopped over at had just finished serving breakfast, so they recommended a place called IT coffee on president Wilson street. It was quite easy to find and looked quite unassuming on the outside, however on entering we were quite surprised to find a little gem of a place.  It had a charming decor with tons of pictures displayed on the walls and colourful sofas.  The counter display had various types of cakes and bagels. The bagels all had an American based theme as you can see from the blackboards in the image below. It also said something that made me chuckle ” You can’t buy love, but you can buy bagels”.  It really appealed to the foodie in me, because for some of us, food is actually love. Well good food anyway. Not the McDonald or Burger King kind.


American based theme bagels


Cakes on display


IT coffee

My friend went for the Chicago while I chose a miami bagel with avocado, ham, cheddar cheese and honey mustard. All this was soon followed by a lemon cheesecake and hot chocolate. Everything we ordered was pretty filling and tasty. The melting cheddar cheese and ham was delicious. Dave had his ELLE magazine and coffee so all in all  time went pretty fast.


Relaxing over bagels


Melting cheddar and ham in a bagel : Miami


Hot chocolate


Lemon cheesecake


IT coffee
Now thats deep

 Something else we liked about this cafe was the friendly staff. I think this is highly important as having badly mannered ones can often ruin an experience. The prices weren’t too bad either. About €5.20 for a bagel. This is definitely a nice place to visit for breakfast if you’re ever in Dunkirk.  The journey continues. Next stop…..Amsterdam.

Dunkirk boats




  1. Silver.
    February 6, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    You just made me want to visit Dunkirk!

    • Michael Makele
      February 7, 2018 / 8:25 am

      Hey, it’s a nice place ?. Was raining when we went though.

  2. Laura Bush
    December 3, 2018 / 8:21 pm


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