7 course tasting menu at L autre pied

Pig belly, baby carrots, cabbage and celeriac

Happy Easter my fellow foodies. Hope you’ve had a fun filled long weekend surrounded by tons of tasty dishes. Mine kicked off on Thursday with a 7 course tasting menu deal for two I found on Groupon. The foodie heaven in this case was L’autre pied, the sister restaurant of the Michelin starred Pied a Terre. The restaurant itself wasnt difficult to find as it’s based on a street in Marylebone. The staff when I did enter was friendly and welcoming. A few seconds was spent chatting with staff about the new Murakami book I got off a friend a few days prior. All this was while waiting for my friend to turn up ofcourse ( I always seem to turn up before everyone right ). 

Tasting menu

My friend arrived, mentioned something about being late due to the sort of traffic you always get in alien invasion movies, I told her it was totally fine, clapped my hands and the feast came out. Okay, maybe it didn’t quite happen like that. The first comment she made was ” There’s not enough space to seat down at this table..can we get another table..looks at me and says my choice of seating means she no longer has to apologise for her lateness”. I smiled and told our lovely waiters….more bread please. 

The food came out pretty quick actually so for those with an appetite of a wilderbeast, your hunger pangs will pretty much wear off quite fast.  So here are a few pictures my fellow foodies. I enjoyed all the dishes without a doubt. 



Tasty white asparagus veloute, crispy quail egg and radish


Plaice , green asparagus , pea and mint


Pig belly, baby carrots, cabbage and Celeriac


Cheese selection


Pre dessert


Pistachio sponge cake, white chocolate, whey and liquorice ice cream


Finished off with some nice tea




 There goes our time at the restaurant. The portions were quite decent and the menu as a whole was good value for money. A 7 course of that calibre at £31 per person is a rare find indeed. All the dishes were cooked to perfection with my favourites being the white veloute and charred cabbage with the pork belly. The Vichychoisse was quite refreshing and the Plaice was accomplished.The only improvement that comes to mind is the restaurant decor. It feels just a little out dated and doesn’t quite live up to the standard of food being served. Come on team, jazz up this place a little. I would start by getting rid of the green panels. Dishes that good deserves to be served somewhere a bit more snazzy. That aside, compliments to the chef and staff. I noticed you have a lamb supper club happening in 2 weeks. Now that looks interesting.

L autre pied


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