Sweet and savoury desserts in Shoreditch’s Tapas Brindisa



Hello readers, how’s it going and hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I know it’s been a while since the last post, but alas am back from my thousand year slumber to bring you a flurry of postings starting with a raid on the sweet and savoury desserts menu of a restaurant in Shoreditch, called Tapas Brindisa. They also have restaurant’s in Soho, South Kensington, Rupert street and London Bridge. Have spent quite a few Saturday mornings at their London Bridge restaurant based inside of the world famous Borough market, so I pretty much knew a good quality Spanish meal was on the cards for the evening. 

On entering the restaurant, the staff were quite welcoming and attentive. You felt like they had a good knowledge of the menu and it was quite interesting chatting away with one of the staff about our favourite Gin and tonic. In the end I settled for a Gin mare with thyme and an orange slice. Pretty refreshing indeed.


Tapas Brindisa
Gin Mare
Tapas Brindisa menu

 We picked three things off their sweet and savoury menu, all of which tasted delightful. My favourite was probably the almond and honey mousse, closely followed by the artisan goats cheese and honey.


Grandma’s tart chocolate and orujo cream, biscuit crumb 


Tarta de la abuela



Almond and honey nougat mousse, PX soaked raisins 


Mousse de turron



Artisan goat’s cheese, orange blossom honey and beetroot crisps 



Monte Enebro


The dessert dishes was washed down with a glass of Pedro Ximenez Triana Hidalgo dessert wine. A nice finishing touch to the evening.



Pedro ximenez triana hidalgo


On the whole I had a good time at this Spanish restaurant. Friendly staff , coupled with tasty desserts and good wine’s definitely a winning combination in my books. I hope to come back very soon indeed.  

               Bye for now and check out my new blog post In a few days. Think sushi mixed with bad karaoke.

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