My singing and foodie night out in Soho

House tonkotsu ramen

Hello friends, how’s it going. So if you read my last post, you were pretty much looking forward to that karaoke video of me belting some amazing tunes or not. Do not fear, I will post a video of the experience. The evening kicked off at a karaoke place in Soho called the Lucky Voice. We were all meant to turn up at the surprise karaoke spot 30 mins early, the occasion was Sandra’s birthday, however being the Nigerian that I am, I turned up just as she was getting there, blowing up the surprise in the process. I tried to step back slowly when I saw her and K, but alas my feet bumped into something and a loud noise revealed my presence like the movies. She caught me and all I could do was just to grimace and say I got lost and walked into the karaoke place by chance. Maybe I actually didn’t say that and that’s what I heard in my head. I kind of let out a hello Sandra sound and just walked awkwardly to the booth behind her.

Please let the singing begin

It’s highly interesting right?. Can we get that record deal now please. I shall spare your ears and just post a few more pictures instead.

The cold never bothered me anyway




After karaoke, we took ourselves to a Japanese restaurant in Compton street called Dozo sushi. There was a massive queue outside, so it’s really advisable to book in advance I reckon. 


 We tried out quite a few dishes at this restaurant, all tasty of course.          

Volcano Maki (8 pcs)
 Eel leeks, bonito flakes, eel sauce, avocado and mayonnaise

Volcano Maki


Volcano Maki

Spider Maki (8 pcs)  
Soft shell crab, avocado, sesame seeds, tobiko and tempura butter 

Spider Maki


Warm sake

Dozo bento box  
Sirloin steak, with ginger sauce onion and prawn tempura. Served with miso soup, salad and rice 


Dozo bento box

 Unagi Don 
 Grilled fresh eel with eel sauce on rice 


Unagi don

Katsu Don 
Pork cutlet in breadcrumb with shiitake mushrooms, carrot, onion and seasoned egg on fried rice 


Katsu don


How’s the soup jess


“I want everything on the menu”

House Tonkotsu Ramen
Noodles in tonkatsu broth served with pork, nitamago egg, bamboo shoot, nori and mayu

House Tonkotsu Ramen

I have to mention the fact that these tempura prawns came out very late. It was on the house by the end of the meal

Tempura prawns

There goes my singing and foodie night in Soho. A very enjoyable night and one am looking forward to doing again with this crew of mine. Well planned out Karwai.


Happy 21st ( cough) birthday Sandra



Lucky voice

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