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Selection of exotic fresh fruit

Happy new year my foodie friends. How’s the lovely festive break coming along?. Mines been good so far, but I fear too good by the looks of my bathroom scales. The food I ate on New Year’s Eve probably added 10kg to the scales, but it was soo worth it. The feast was at an impressive Peruvian restaurant in Mayfair called Coya. The occasion was my sisters birthday, so in a way am dedicating this post to an amazing sibling. 

To get an idea of how many dishes we ate that night, just take a look at this menu. Yes….we ate all of that. 

Coya Menu

To top it off, all dishes tasted sublime. I really can’t praise the chef enough and would have loved to write a poem about how the food made me feel, but alas, am just going to have to tell you that tears strolled down my cheek while I was savouring the Chilean Sea bass and amarillo chilli. 

Chilean sea bass


Let’s take a look at some of the other dishes shall we. They were all impressive, right down to the Ensaladas


Sea bass , red onions, sweet potato and white corn


Yellow tail, green chilli and lime


Beef, aji panca and coriander


Chicken, Aji Amarillo and garlic


Jasper corn, crispy corn, sweet onion and chilli


Baby Squid, Peruvian marigold and quinoa


Spicy beef fillet, spring onions , rocoto chilli and star anise


Yes… it just kept on coming. I felt like Maximus in that gladiator scene at the end. Not the bit he got poisoned mind you or got mauled by lions, but when he finally met his family in the afterlife. Eating here was akin to entering a food lovers paradise or elysium :). Ok enough of the movie references, here goes more foodie pictures 

Tiger prawn, chilli salsa


Peruvian dried tomatoes, wild mushrooms and perigold truffle


Passion fruit parfait, banana , pineapple and chia seeds


Chocolate and roasted white chocolate cream


I didn’t quite get all the pictures, but am sure the few have taken speaks volume. I really enjoyed my time at this restaurant and will definitely go back at the earliest opportunity. Good food in the midst of good company.

Thanks Aunty 🙂
Birthday girl

Hope you liked the pictures. The next post will probably feature my top 2016 restaurants and the dishes I loved at each establishment. See you soon and bye for now 

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