My week in Dubai, Day 1

Here’s a first in a series of blog updates about my week in Dubai. I had a chance of visiting this beautiful place last year, so was quite keen to find out just a bit more about their food and cultural scene.

Day 1

My flight got in early Friday morning and by lunch time I was at kite beach with my sister having lunch at a beach front restaurant Called Laola . They had some tasty prawns, however their sirloin steak was Just about okay. It seemed more well done than the medium rare I asked for. That said I keep on comparing every steak I try out with the delicious rib eyes served at Hawksmoor and Goodmans restaurants. Something the restaurant has going for it however are the views. You can easily spend an hour or two here just admiring the sunset.


We went home to get a nap, quickly followed by a dash to one of the yatchs in the Marina for a friends birthday celebration. Free flowing champagne , beautiful sunset and nice music. Thanks to Mark, Natasha and Evelyn.






















































































































































































We got off at the marina and strolled into Simon Rimmers restaurant, the Scene located on the 4th floor of Pier 7, right next to the Dubai marina mall. The views were frankly stunning and reminded me of something out of blade runner.















































The chicken liver and foie gras parfait was Delish

















The sirloin steak was okay and better than what I had earlier on in the day, however it still wasn’t my beloved ribeye. I like my marble of fat, something the steak below didnt have.

                                   There goes my first day in Dubai and what a lovely one it was.

                                                                     See ye soon 



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