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Hello readers, how’s the week coming along. I am glad the weekends here and do you know why?.fireworks. Those things always seem to bring one’s childhood memories back and what fun ones they were. I am definitely looking forward to the Blackheath display this evening with a few friends.

Following my last blog post I promised to write about my favourite dishes of the month,but before I pick an October winner, I thought why not write about two Italian restaurants ( Giuseppes place and Localethat feature heavily on that final list and one in particular stands out (Guiseppes place ). I work at two different hospital sites and both Italian restaurant are located next to each site. Locale restaurant in Waterloo and London bridge’s Giuseppes. So let’s start with a few pictures from Locale


This Italian restaurant, a stone throw from St Thomas hospital and the London eye, consistently serves top notch pizza and some simple yet tasty pasta dishes. Have been here for lunch a few times, coupled with their happy hours and I can always say that food and customer service never fails to disappoint. So when a colleague ( Happy 21st caz…a time loop just like Dr strange) wanted to have a birthday meal, no one had an issue with staying at Locale’s following their reasonably priced happy hour.  So here are a few pictures;

Alcoholics Anonymous anyone ?

Cozze Locale, featuring Sautéed mussels with shallots, white wine and cream with focaccia priced at £6.95. I think we can safely say Mals in the picture above finished off most of this dish. The white wine sauce and bread was quite moorish. 

Quattro Stagioni pizza, featuring Italian ham, artichokes, Olives, spicy Italian salami, oyster mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella priced at £10.85. Pretty tasty too. 

Carne pizza  feauturing tomato, mozarella, Italian sausages , Milano salami, and fresh chilli for £11.50. 

Hand model : Luke W

Tasty seafood Risotto featuring calamari, squid, clams, mussels ( didn’t get the price for this )

Now for their delicious desserts…Tiramisu and vanilla panacotta both going for (£5.50) each.this was all gone in an instant.

Happy birthday C

This leads onto my second restaurant Italian restaurant;

Giuseppes place 

This lovely restaurant can be found in an alley way just opposite Borough market’s entrance  in London Bridge. Have been coming here for quite a few years now and this family run Italian restaurant never fails to disappoint. All their dishes have that home cooking vibe about it..tasty, comforting and very moorish. You can almost here a voice whisper ” everything’s gonna be alright” while eating away…or was that due to my 4th glass of wine…either way I totally loved the experience. This post covers the visits I made to this restaurant over the past few weeks. 

Delicious spaghetti pescatore with fresh seafood, white wine and tomato sauce (£14.95)

This dish was enough to put a smile on my aunts face 🙂

Pasta Nero di Seppia ( pasta with prawns, calamari, scampi, garlic, white wine and cuttlefish ink: £14.95). I tend to order this dish quite a lot. It’s just sooo yum. The cuttle fish ink does it for me. That’s why I love a Spanish dish called Arroz negro. 

We had these 2 dishes on my second visit to the restaurant with a friend of mine, Chantal.

Ravioli Lobster and crab cooked in creamy tomato sauce with prawns (£14.45)

With cheese sprinkled on top.

And a dish that simply blew me away, their lobster linguine (£25). That lobster sauce was simply divine. I nearly burst into a song while slurping away. 

So there goes my time at at these 2 lovely Italian restaurants. I totally enjoyed the various dishes I had over the past few weeks

One more thing.. I am dedicating this blog post to a special someone who I used to love sharing plates of food with when I was a little child. He didn’t have any choice because I was a cute gran kid ofcourse…that I just dipped all my paws into his food bowl every day for 10 years. Today makes it 9 years since he flew away. Always on my mind Gran 🙂



  1. Anonymous
    November 6, 2016 / 9:57 am

    I love this! This tribute to the most handsome uncle a girl ever had is truly befitting. We absolutely have to do lunch sometime.

    • Michael Makele
      November 6, 2016 / 10:59 am

      Thanks a ton. Sounds like a good idea.. Am always up for eating 🙂

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