Fundraising lunch at work in aid of cancer research UK

Hello readers, hope monday wasn’t too much of a drag. My work week got off to a brilliant start. It involved my colleagues and I at Viapath ( St Thomas and Guys Hospital sites ) bringing food into work in support of cancer research UK organisation. Having lost a father to cancer, I was quite keen to bring something in on the day in support of cancer research UKs outstanding work. 

Room booked,  ticket bookings for each plate of food came up to £4, whilst the on the day door fees was a fiver. We brought in sooo much food, it ended up turning into a buffet instead of cash per plates. If we tried that sort of stuff on the apprentice, I fear the whole group wouldn’t make it past the first round. All in all, it ended up being a decent turn out. So without further ado, here are some of the pictures 

Potato curry, one of my faves.

Chicken samosas 

Kobi admiring Anas’s plate 

A few people loved the aubergine curry. I thought it was decent as well.

This lamb curry was to die for. Compliments to your mum Taz 🙂

Dave the dark horse lemon drizzle cup cakes.. The boy has skills.

Cobwebs in the boss wallet. Thanks for the support Darren 🙂

Look behind you 

Vegetarian honey mustard pasta.. I took some of these home, so will find out how good it is later. 

Irah’s Spaghetti Puttanesca : Irah’s going to be my first guest blogger in December.

Victoria’s seasoned chicken drumsticks 

Sweet chilli stir fry noodles 

My 2nd plate .. This food tasted so good. 

And last but not the least, some of the team that brought in the dishes. There were soo many dishes, I couldn’t capture it all. Good work team. 

                                                            See you soon 

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