Eating out in Dubai on a budget, the fish hut restaurant, day 2

Hello readers, hope your weeks coming along well. The second in my mini Dubai series blog post will feature a small restaurant in the Oud Mehta area called fish hut, hence my eating out in Dubai on a budget title. A little bit different to my first Dubai blog post with pictures of yatchs and jet skis. If I attempted that daily my bank balance might only allow for Nando’s for a whole month. That said I have nothing against Nando’s, I had it here for lunch a few days ago but by Zeus, the Nando’s rice in Dubai reminded me of Jaime olivers fried rice..pretty painful. Okay okay, this isn’t a we can’t stand Nando’s rice blog, so let’s get back to fish hut. I had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant last year and loved every minute of the grilled hammour fish I had. The restaurant is a few streets from Lamcy plaza, but isn’t the easiest to find. Once you enter however and start stuffing your face, you will be glad you made the effort.

The journey starts here

On entering you get a fish display to your right, price dependent on the weight of the fish you choose.

I tried out some delicious Indian crabs marinated in spicy sauce. This came up to 32 Dirams, about £8. It was spicy, but tasty.i spent a while just using my fingers to reach all the tiny corners. Yes I could have used the tools they gave me, but sometimes, you just have to ditch all manners and eat like a Cookie Monster. Crab shells everywhere, it was magical. 

The squid came out soon after and I dealt with it accordingly. I was starting to crave some form of carbs, so I ordered a pancake style bread called Parotta. The squid came up to 28 dirams (£7) and the bread about 2 dirams (50p). 

The served sardines fish coconut milk gravy with the bread. The gravy is to die for if you love coconut..luckily I did. Besides I used it to balance out the spiciness of the squid.

Then finally, the grilled Suman grouper fish (80 dirams, £20) came out. This will probably cost you at least 3 times the amount in some Dubai restaurants. One half of the fish was charcoal grilled in a lemon and herb sauce, while the other was marinated with a spicy mix. This was simply delicious. A feast fit for…..well someone’s who likes feasts.

Feast over, I spoke to Sharat ( staff) for a bit about the history of Dubai and the lovely meal that just put a smile on my face. They had the pharell williams tune ” happy” playing on the radio, a fitting tribute to my feelings about that afternoons seafood. Thanks is also in order for Sharat, who helped me try and flag a cab. A massive tip, its difficult getting a cab around 5pm as all the cab men I tried to flag mentioned something about changing shifts. My advice will be for you to go in the afternooon, or better still walk to movenpicks hotel and get one of the many cabs that drops off passengers. 

Journey back to the flat it is for now. Hope you liked some of the pictures and see you later. I have a few more restaurants on the cards.  Bye for now.

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