Breakfast in Dubai

Morning all, how’s that weekend coming along. I spent last night at a lovely BBQ and I’m still trying to shake off the mini hangover. It gets harder and harder in your mid 30s, so it’s quite important to begin the day with the perfect breakfast or else it’s downhill. This Dubai mini series blog post will focus on the breakfast I had at two restaurants, Tom and Serg and the Home Bakery.


Home Bakery

My sister and I stopped by this restaurant in Jumeira to pick up some delicious melt in your mouth cookies, however we decided to have our breakfast there as well due to the dangerous aromas streaming out of their kitchens. The smell of soft bread, cakes and pastries was too hard to resist. The force was very strong in that kitchen. 


When the menu finally came we knew staying was a good choice. The menu had an Arabic breakfast comprising of falafels, a spicy eggs benedict, shakshouka, waffles, ultimate French toast..just the way the heart likes it, and a few other select dishes. 

We went for their gun power tea first 

Followed by their Shakshouka

Sunny side eggs in a spicy tomato and red bell peppers sauce served with pita bread. You get the three eggs options ranging from runny to well done. The medium I ordered was perfect. In terms of prices it came up to 40 dirams, which was just over £9. You can say it’s fairly priced by Dubai’s standards. 

and ultimate French toast

Brioche bread infused with Nutella, topped with peanut butter and cornflakes. One small step for man, one giant leap for your cholesterol. It tasted good, but you really need a sweet tooth when dealing this brioche. They tried to balance the saltiness of the peanut butter with the sweetness of the Nutella and the cornflakes was probably added on top for a little bit more sweetness and some texture. The dish was priced at 48 dirams (£11).  

Good food and a very relaxed atmosphere makes this place an ideal breakfast spot.

 Tom and Serg

This cafe in the al quoz district served one of the stand out dishes of my time in Dubai. Their tandoori Australian sea bass with cranberry,saffron and pistachio pilaf, coconut raita with a mango and mustard seed chutney (72 dirams / £17) was a melting pot of different flavours. I only ordered this dish, however I will make up for this during my next trip to Dubai by ordering a few more dishes on their menu.  


Breakfast over, I explored the art and culture scene in Al quoz. There are quite a few galleries in this area, so make sure you check them out if you ever get to eat out at Tom and Serg.

So there goes my breakfast in Dubai blog post. My next blog post would probably be a dinner in Dubai blog post, however the best laid plans of men and all. I went to the Dubai opera house earlier today and am thinking of just doing a blog post of all my favourite pictures. It’s about 10pm over here right now, so see you soon.  


                                                                             Night Night


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    All that for breakfast!? That's a feast!Oh what I would for that Sea bass……..

    • Michael Makele
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      The sea bass looks very tasty right ? . I totally enjoyed it. Very good breakfast indeed. Been to Dubai yet ?

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