My NFL weekend

Hello readers, it’s been quite a few weeks since my last blog postings, so here are some pictures about what I got up to last weekend and what a good one it was. I went to my first ever NFL event on Regents street, had some delicious ribs at Bodeans and topped it off by going to an NFL match at London Wembley featuring the Jags vs Colts. 

Day 1 : NFL on Regents Street

Regent street gets turned into a massive American football festival event yearly, well every year for the past 4 years and I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday at the latest one. There were various competitions, interactive games where visitors had a go at kicking and throwing footballs, Massive areas celebrating the Jaguars and cheerleaders doing routines in front of Hamleys toy shop…very American. 


We followed up our time on Regents street by continuing our American themed weekend in London’s Sohos Bodeans restaurant. We had half chicken, pulled pork and smoked sausage combo meal and the half chicken and baby back ribs. These were definitely some of the best barbecues I have had at a London restaurant. Smoky and flavourful. Reminds me of being at Daisy Mays in New York. Both meals came up to £16.95 each.

The Blind Pig

Ran into this place right after Bodeans. I reviewed this bar last year as part of my London cocktails week blog. Still nice to see they serve good cocktails 


Day 2 : Match Day 

I really enjoyed the match day. The fire displays , cheerleaders, matching bands, cheerleaders and the football itself was impressive. I didn’t really understand the rules, so am glad Luke was around to explain everything….every 10 seconds. 

I spent an hour queuing for this burger. Highly traumatic indeed. 

All in all I had a very nice weekend and will definitely visit again. Speaking of which, the jags won 30-27, ” GO JAGS!!!” I would roar like a jaguar ( something that happens when the jags score a touch down ) , but my neighbours might think I lost it a little.

                                                      Thanks for the tickets Luke 

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