Favourite restaurant dishes of the month: October 2016

Hello readers, how’s the week coming along. I thought I try something different today by posting about some of the best dishes have had this month so far, then at the end of the month do a star dish award of the month. The restaurants featured on today’s blog post are Cubana, Chupitos and Murakami. Talk about taking you on a round the world trip of food. So first on my list of favourite dishes to try out this October month is, 

Pollo Criollo served at a restaurant that specialises in slow cooked Cuban dishes, tapas and grills ( Cubana )

Pollo criollo or creole styled chicken is basically a free-range chicken, casseroled in fresh orange juice, sherry, onions and garlic, served with fried plantain and black bean rice. This dish really goes well with their home made chilli sauce washed down with a jug of mocktails. It really needed the chilli sauce though to balance out the orange flavour a bit. The chicken was ever so soft and flavourful. 


Pan duck fried breast at the lovely Chupitos 

love my duck, so couldn’t resist this dish when it popped up on their board. The fondant potatoes were quite yum as well. I love duck and orange combinations, the orange glazed duck I had in Dubai’s La petit maison still topping my tasty duck league table, however the red cabbage, port and raisins combination that Chupitos has with its duck deserves a mention in that league.It added that bit of sweetness to the dish.Tasty duck washed down with red wine. Now that’s a dreamy combination.


The last but not the least, a Japanese restaurant called Murakami

2 dishes come to mind, their flame seared roll with tempura prawn, aioli and avocado called the King Roll

And a Murakami deluxe that had plain rice, salmon pieces and avocado roll, tuna and avocado roll, salmon teriyaki, Chicken and miso aubergine yakitori. The aubergine yakitori was definitely the star of this deluxe dish. Good company, tasty yakitori and Sapporo beer. Perfect combination on a night out.

So there goes my dishes of the month . I’m off to the British museum to watch some sunken cities exhibition. Have a nice  one and see ye soon 

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