Weekend in Berlin

Morning folks, hope your weekends going great as usual. I am currently spending mine in Berlin, so thought I should share a few clips of my time here. We stayed at a hotel (25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin) right next to a large zoo in the middle of the city. The greenery in this city is definitely a contrast to the concrete jungles that’s London. A jungle room at our hotel manages to capture all this greenery, so if you’re into your wildlife and love playing spot the Orangutang, then these rooms are something you should enquire about.

25hours hotel berlin bikini jungle room

The hotel has a bakery on its 3rd floor so if you’re into some freshly baked cinnamon rolls and chocolate brownies ( I didn’t have the two at once ) then check this bakery out. 

woodfire bakery

The top floors of the hotel houses the fabulous monkey bar that serves outstanding cocktails for about €13 on average. The monkey bar also has nice views of the city so expect some long queues at their entrance most weekends…unless you have a hotel card that is. 

25hours hotel bikini berlin Monkey bar

Monkey bar

Neni restaurant which can be found on the same floor as Monkey Bar describes itself as a culinary mosaic of Persian, Moroccan, Spanish and Israeli influences. Having been to a few of these places I understand what they mean by this. The food we had at this restaurant was probably some of the tastiest dishes we had on this trip. Loved it so much I managed to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurant. A bit excessive ? Not if the food tastes that good in my opinion. 

Breakfast in Berlin : Neni 

The choices of hot and cold dishes were pretty impressive. Sausages, scrambled eggs, bacons, rice puddings, mushrooms, cheeses and lots more. I couldn’t fault the Balagan style cooking. The breakfast was priced at €19.

Neni Restaurant

Neni restaurant

Lunch in Berlin : Neni

There’s a sharing concept around all the lunch platters. We tried dishes such as the Hamshuka,which comprised of humus, minced beef and lamb with spicy chilli. This came served with their pita bread.

Pita bread


And a dish called the Jerusalem teller ( platter)  which was basically grilled chicken with oriental

spices,  fresh herbs, humus, onions, tahina, bell peppers and green pepperoni. T his dish definitely packs a punch with all those flavours. I was probably meant to have this with rice, however i ended up going for their very moorish sweet potato with sweet chilli dip instead. Your hand just keeps reaching out for more of that stuff. 

sweet potato fries

Jerusalem teller
Delicious Jerusalem Teller

Dinner in Berlin : Neni

For dinner, we had the Jerusalem teller again and another dish that I can only describe as the best I had on the trip. It was called, Ilan’s Kalbruckensteak ( Ilan’s veal sirloin steak). Priced at €22, this dish was made up of a grilled veal sirloin steak marinated with Ardbeg whisky and date syrup, served with purée of Jerusalem artichoke and portwine balsamico shallots. The combination of flavours all worked perfectly and I almost had a tear in my eye while mopping up that steak with the sweet juices on the plate. 

Ilan's veal sirloin steak
Tasty veal sirloin steak

Dinner in Berlin : Alt-Berliner Wirsthaus

This restaurant served authentic German food that’s usually washed down with big jugs of Berliner beer. There’s normally a queue of locals outside it seems, which is always a good sign. We had some tasty beef slices and pig foot knuckle. The potatoes might be just a tad oily, however that’s how I like it. 

So what else did I get up to in Berlin apart from just eating and relaxing. Well for starters I didn’t go on a walking tour, which always come recommended in my book because you get to learn quite a bit about whatever city you’re in. So next time, I plan to definitely go on one. What I did end up seeing on my little strolls were the 

Brandenburg gate 

Brandenburg gate

Reichstag building 

Holocaust memorial 

Tiegarten park

And also actually checked out the zoo in the middle of the city 

All in all, I had a chilled out weekend in Berlin and I’m definitely looking forward to visiting this city again. Have you all been before and what do you recommend I see next time? . 

Berlin aside, i visited another lovely city called Florence a few months ago, however am yet to put up a blog post together for this, so keep an eye out for future updates.

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