An evening at a Lebanese restaurant called Kenza

Hi readers, hope the weekend’s going ok. Just thought I share some pictures on my blog from a friends leaving do I went to last week. The venue, was a Lebanese restaurant with a Moroccan influence based at Liverpool Street called Kenza. On entering the restaurant the first thing that strikes you is the beautiful middle eastern themed interiors. The glittering lamp lights, rich fabrics, carved tables and low seatings brought back memories of some restaurants I visited in Dubai and Morocco. The scents of incense sticks and music also helped to create an atmosphere that transports you to a different place during the meal.

There is also an equally lavishing bar area with alcove and private dining sections for small groups 

The menu in Kenza is described by the restaurant as being a meld of Levantine cuisine with particular emphasis on Lebanese food that showcases authentic homestyle cooking. After having quite a few selections on the menu ( tasty baby chicken ), i have to say that it hits the brief. The feasting menu’s our group chose had a variety of cold and hot Mezze (chickpea Hummos, smoked aubergine purée with tahini, better known as Baba ghannouj , chopped parsley, mint and lemon juice combination called Taboulleh, spicy sautéed potatoes with red peppers, garlic and chilli called Batara Harra, a  Koussa tahini made out courgette purée with tahini, mint, lemon and Yoghurt, etc ) to share. You can get some of these selections from a small Lebanese stall at London’s famous borough market. I tend to pick up quite a few during my weekends. So without further ado, the pics are below.

I have to admit that I was almost full by the time the main dishes came out.There were mixed grill selections, fish platters and baby chickens to boot. Taste wise, the grilled baby chicken was well spiced and superb. 

Grilled baby chicken

This was all topped off with some dessert and mint tea. I was struggling to even munch on the baklava by this point. The dishes were that filling .

There goes my time at this restaurant..oh wait a minute. At various points in the evening the music goes up and the belly dancers come out. I also call it the “who can stare at their plates the longest time”, with some diners hoping they don’t get dragged up to dance. I nearly got up to dance, but ones shirt was too tight from all the eating.ahem. 

All in all, I had a good time at the restaurant. Have a nice time at your new workplace Rags :). That’s it from me today. I’m off to a restaurant in Piccadilly that serves an interesting dessert menu later this evening.

                                                                     Bye for now



                                                                Bye for now 🙂

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