Restaurant’s for dinner in Lagos, Nigeria :RSVP review

The 31st of December was spent at a lovely restaurant in Victoria Island called RSVP.  I always had this restaurant on my list of places to visit in Lagos , Nigeria based on the beautiful pictures displayed on my Instagram account. 

I finally had the chance of visiting and the occasion was my younger sister’s 21st birthday ( she’s actually 27). Sorry Zai, but you’re catching up. I loved the restaurant, especially the beautiful pool area quite a fair bit, so I decided to add a little clip. The video isn’t very clear, but I think it perfectly captures the evenings vibe.

The atmosphere , music and food served ranks this restaurant amongst the best places have been to in Lagos for dinner.  A tasty crispy calamari starter for two kicked off our evening 

The mains such as their slow cooked lamb served off the bone on mash with spicy tomato sauce ( delicious and filling )

And soya glazed fresh salmon filet served in Asian style salad was quite accomplished.

Had a taste of my sister’s chocolate fondant and ice cream. I think I almost finished it actually, not sure if she noticed. The things we do for our readers 🙂

On the whole, the dishes served tasted decent.This in conjunction with the hosts ( checked up on all tables: another good touch ) made this a good restaurant. The prices were a little on the expensive side with the cheapest main the crispy chicken logs costing 3,600 Naira (£10) to the most expensive , the 350g Australian rib eye costing 13500 Naira (£38.50). The slow cooked lamb and salmon mains my friend and I ordered came up 6800 Naira and 7800 Naira (£19 and £22 ) respectively. You definitely get what you pay for, so it’s a worthy experience. 

The stand out feature of this restaurant was definitely the pool side area bar I mentioned earlier. The new year countdown , champagne, fireworks and lovely music were fantastic. 

There goes my night at RSVP. A fun and interesting birthday/ New Year’s Eve celebration. I have a few more short Lagos blog posts coming up. 

                                                                    See you soon

                                                  A few tequila shots later  🙂


                                                                     Bye for now


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      Hi queen, thanks. Was nice 🙂

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