Late night restaurants in London, Monsoon Indian restaurant review

Hello readers, it’s been a week or two since my last blog post, so thought I keep you up to date with a very good Indian restaurant ( Monsoon ) in brick lane serving authentic Bangladeshi food that I went to with work colleagues a few hours ago. Well when I mean a few hours, it actually means at 2am in the morning. After all, what else should one get up to at that hour after trying to break dance in overwhelming heat on a dance floor in a bar in Shoreditch. It was soo hot, I reached out for my glass on the table and just grasped at air.  Hunger , heat and mind hallucinations was pretty much the driving force behind the 2am late night restaurant adventure.

On getting to the restaurant, we pretty much just ordered some starters and mains. These included mix kebabs, lamb chops, Shaktora Bhuna, Chicken Karahi, Royal lamb, South Indian garlic chicken curry, rice, naan bread etc. If you’re going to eat at that hour, you might as well do it right. So here are a few snaps.

Tasty naan bread 

Naan bread courtesy of Al. He wanted the readers to see the soft textures.

Lamb chops wasn’t bad either 

Interesting dish made with Shaktora fruit in a nice Juicy sauce. This Shaktora Bhuna was definitely one of the highlight dishes of the evening. It also had a slight kick to it and yes, I took the rest home as takeaway.

This tender pieces of chicken tossed in a wok, cooked in a dry sauce and garnished with tomatoes was probably the best dish of the night as voted for by the panel of experts of course 

Another very tasty dish was a medium hot dish cooked with garlic, green, chillies, onions and tomatoes  in a very special, delicately flavoured sauce. The South Indian garlic chicken was simply delicious and moorish.

And I obviously can’t show the food pictures without showing some of the lovely people I spent the night with.

Elisha : spent the last few hours in the club chasing some random dude with bad moves away. 


Pritti and Al: Thanks for modelling the naan bread. Drive wasn’t bad either.

Mals : legendary appetitie and lover of chips with cheese.  

There goes the night. Hope you had a nice read and see you soon hopefully. I’m off to finish last nights left overs. Wish me luck.



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    • Michael Makele
      September 20, 2016 / 7:37 pm

      Sure, will keep this in mind. Thanks 🙂

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