Bottomless Bellini brunch in Bourne and Hollingsworth

Hello readers, how’s you’re weekend coming along. It’s been a few days since my last post, or 2 weeks to be exact. During that time I actually checked out a few restaurants, however I had my mind set on blogging about a place that served a bottomless Bellini brunch in Farringdon called Bourne and Hollingsworth. I read about this restaurant in a Timeout article titled 19 things to do in Clerkenwell before the world ends and found the list quite intriguing due to the fact that I never actually knew there was much to do in Clerkenwell. As it so turns out, it has some very decent foodie spots. Bournes and Hollingsworth fits into this group perfectly. 

On entering the restaurant it felt like I was transported into Kew gardens. The hanging plants, tropical seat covers and old colonial style decor really help to make this place a stunning venue. 

When the food did come, it didn’t disappoint. We decided to share the eggs benedict ( ham hock and Bernaise sauce ) and Huevos Benedictos ( chorizo, avocado and  Bernaise sauce). The poached eggs were runny and perfect. All this was washed down with their bottomless peach Bellini ( needs just a tad more alcohol ) of course. 

We still felt peckish after trying the dishes above and felt the best options was to go for some sweet dishes. We were quite lucky to get served due to the restaurant losing power. The dishes we ended up going for were the drop scones, caramelised banana and mixed nuts. 

And French toast , with clotted cream, berries and honey 

Both dishes were definitely very moorish and tasty. I highly recommend the scones if you ever get to visit. The costs were quite affordable, with the scones and French bread totalling about £6.50 each.

On the whole I had a nice time at the restaurant and am looking forward to visiting again in the not too distant future. Do you have any brunch ideas? Feel free to comment below or on twitter. I would love to find some quirkier spots.  

                                     Have a nice weekend and a good start to the week. Bye for now 

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