Feng Sushi review

Hi all, this is just a quick recap of my time at a sushi restaurant in Borough market called Feng Sushi. A few nice dishes later and I thought, why not chuck a few pictures on my blog. The first time I gave this restaurant a mention was on my borough market blog post, so it’s nice to come back and see that they still churn out good dishes. On this occasion the dishes ordered were the fusion futomaki deluxe sushi roll which had Salmon, sea bass,mackerel and yellow tail sashimi with tamago, shiso leaf and Mizuna. A nice dish albeit a mouthful. I wanted more intense flavour however. 

The second selection chosen was a 8 pieces salmon box. This consisted of a salmon, seared teriyaki salmon nigiri and deluxe salmon maki sushi pieces. Quite fresh and tasty indeed 

This was soon followed by a rock shrimp tempura with spicy mayo and rice dish. A popular item on their menu, the battered crispy shrimp and mayo combination worked quite well. Combine it with some sticky rice and I can understand why this is a cherished dish on ther menu.

The final dish I had was the tuna hot pot dish. This was possibly my favourite dish of the evening. Dig into the soft rice and you find a very tasty tuna sauce at the bottom that could have done with just a few more tuna chunks. Yep, it tasted that good. It’s quite a filling dish on the whole though, so have this in mind while your ordering. 

A decent Japanese restaurant that delivers on flavour in the heart of borough market indeed. Pay this place a visit for something a bit different from the burgers and meat based meals sold all over the market. 

Before I forget, a special mention needs to go out to that curious fish in the Feng Sushi wall display that kept on looking as I ate its friends. Stay strong Nemo. The looks I gave you was just one of curiosity that’s all. 

There goes this weeks blog post. See you soon and let me know of any new places to check out. 

                                                           F O U N D      N E M O 

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