Restaurants to eat in Peckham Rye : Artusi

Hello readers, how’s your week going?. It’s bank holiday weekend and I can’t wait to spend the next few days relaxing and eating out at some new places. I was originally going to write a post about all the various places to eat out in Westminster, food stalls included. However a visit to my brother’s place in Peckham to spend time with my cute little nephew and a stroll to a restaurant with my sister on the way home led to a change in my posting plans. This little “Italian” restaurant with a chalkboard menu that changes quite often featuring dishes that delivered on taste, is called Artusi .

On entering the restaurant we dined at a communal table right next to the kitchen area. The waiters were friendly with comments on what dishes to try out. After a few more minutes we selected the

Soft Veal tongue accompanied by an acidic green blitzed salsa verde. Sublime combination It seems and possibly the star of the menu.  The couple next to us summoned up the courage to order the tongue after asking how ours tasted. I really liked this indeed. 

Soft veal tongue

This dish was soon followed up by a delicious OX cheer Ragu with Tagliatelle. 

A leg of lamb with primo cabbage, radicchio and olives. The cabbages boiled in vegetable stock if my memory serves me right was quite nice and the lamb was ever so tender. A really accomplished dish always puts a smile on my face and this did. 

Artusi’s tender leg of lamb

We just about had space for one dessert so it came as a relief when we both picked the olive oil cake with plums and butter milk ice cream. A moorish selection indeed.

Olive oil cake

If you ever get to visit Peckham rye, make sure Artusi’s on your list of places to visit. I’m definitely looking forward to dining there again after a spell of baby sitting. It’s 2am in the morning and work starts in a few hours so I need to catch up on some sleep. Tomorrow’s lunch itenary entail’s a visit to Roux at the Parliament square . It should hopefully get a mention in my places to eat in Westminster blog post.  I dined there a few months ago, loved it and blogged about it.

                                                                        Bye for now.


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