Cooking Spanish food at home

Hi readers, hope you’re weekends going well. I started mine off by attempting to practice how to make a Paella dish. Well, it kind of almost looked like a rissoto at the end. Thanks for those comments Jess. So why Paella you might ask? Well it comes from eating out at various Spanish restaurants. Loved the dishes so much I felt like replicating it at home. I work quite close to borough market, so getting all the Ingredients such as paprika, fish stock, chorizo, peppers and even the Paella pan courtesy of Brindisa Stores and monkfish from the fish stall was quite simple.

Did I mention I picked up some prawns and calamari from marks and Spencer’s as well?. Headed home after to recreate what I thought would be a dreamy meal. 

Stir fried monk fish in 150ml of olive oil and set it aside 

Stir fry some garlic prawns and calamari in the same pan and set aside 

Followed this up with Chorizo

Diced some an onion and 3 garlic cloves into the pan

Added some Paprika , about 1tsp ( stir fry the paella rice ( 200g) in oil at this stage for 3 mins. I added the rice after the tomato stage..not ideal ) 

Add a can of chopped tomatoes , fish stock ( 650 ml)  a bit of pepper, a dash of saffron and leave on for 10 minutes 

After 10 minutes, add the chorizo, calamari, prawns etc to the pan and leave for another 10 minutes. I actually roasted some chicken thighs and added it to it as well. 10 minutes up, I placed the pan on the oven for another 10-15 minutes.

And there you go. Now the mistakes I made was probably getting my stock and rice volume combination  wrong. I altered this recipes volume to counter for that. I think 600ml stock and a 200g rice combination will work. My brother tried some and thought it was ok which isn’t bad considering I didn’t give him an evil glance. 

Hope you enjoyed the read. My next blog post will focus on various street food stalls in the Waterloo area. I plan to eat at 5 stalls and just post about it. I started off with a Jamaican stall that served beautiful jerk chicken and oxtails. So keep an eye out guys.

                                                                         Bye for now 

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