Saturday brunch in Canary Wharf’s Plateau restaurant

Hello readers, hope you’re having a nice weekend. It’s Saturday evening and have spent the past 4 hours in bed trying to recuperate after the unlimited prosecco brunch I had at a Canary wharf  restaurant called Plateau.7 glasses of those things were definitely what I needed after a long week at work. The Contemporary French food served by this restaurant was quite tasty as well. 

Prosecco just kept on coming

The first starter we had was a tasty cod croquette style starter.

Cod brandade, gribiche, frisse and radish

Soon followed up by a lovely smoked salmon, confit potato and watercress

Smoked Salmon

The pork chop style mains were actually light and flavourful. I really enjoyed this dish 

Pork chops

The desserts were the star of the show. The first dessert was a Vanilla creme brulee topped up with brandy snaps. I have a soft spot for Creme brulee’s and this was definitely a good one.

Creme Brulee

The final dessert was a strawberry Panna cotta with basil, meringue. I liked the basil and strawberry combination. A decent dessert indeed.

Strawberry Panacotta

All in all, a very nice brunch, priced at about £38 pounds per head. I am looking forward to posting about other unlimited Prosecco brunches in the coming weeks so watch this space. Before that however, I’m off to Paris in a weeks time. Cant wait.

                                                                      A.U. R.E.V.O.I.R

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