Eating out in London

Hi all, hope your weekends going well. I just wanted to share a few pictures I snapped over the past 2 days. The pics couldn’t be more far apart. The first set of pictures were taken at a steak restaurant near Covent Garden’s Flat Iron Steak and the second part was taken at a picnic in Richmond park. That’s why I love living and eating out in London. The activities are quite diverse. So without further ado, check the pictures below.

Flat Iron Steak

I visited this restaurant based on a friend’s recommendation.There was a small queue outside and I nearly turned back when the staff mentioned a 2 hour wait, however dining for one meant that I was able to secure a bar seat immediately. Maybe it was my smile 🙂 I ordered a glass of Argentinian Malbec and their lovely flat iron steak with Bearnaise sauce. The medium rare meat was ever so tender. A decent place to visit if your ever in the Covent Garden area.

Medium Rare flat iron steak

Richmond Park

Sunday afternoon entailed a visit to Richmond park. We were quite hungry so we decided to make a picnic out of our visit and ended up buying every food under the sun. We picked up some Sushi, sandwiches, a few sweet treats from Paul’s and we couldn’t pass on the booze. The walk from the station wasn’t too bad. A nice French restaurant near Marlborough road caught the eye and a mental note was made to visit this place the next time we head over to Richmond park.

Those Deer’s moved pretty close actually. We kept on looking over our shoulder while taking in some much needed sun. It was a good afternoon all in all. The botanical gardens isn’t far from the park, so if you’re  a tourist and you need something to do in London, Richmond’s a decent place to visit.

Thanks for reading and see you soon.

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