Places to eat in Shoreditch

Hi all, just a few  pictures detailing what I got up to in Shoreditch this weekend. By what i got up to i mean some of the places i ate at during my Shoredicth weekend ofcourse.


The Boba Yard

These guys serve ice cold/ hot , fruit flavoured and milk based teas containing tapioca or fruit popping juice balls. I bought the coconut iced tea with cherry juice balls and I have to say that i spent a while playfully sucking up the juice balls up the straw.  

Whilst sipping the tea, you can spend a few minutes downstairs playing table tennis.. Yes, you read that bit right. I actually looked forward to this part as I needed to avenge the mini golf match I lost to V the previous year. 



Not exactly the easiest of places to find. Piece of advice when your on Wadeson road , look out for a white wall and just follow the signs. Nice venue , live piano sessions ( Britney Spears anyone?) and a lamb shoulder and toast dish that wins my dish of the weekend. This dish would probably make it into my top ten London brunch dishes.The pancakes tasted great as well. Good restaurant indeed.

Smoked lamb shoulder, tumeric chicory, duck fat toast

Pancakes, bacon, maple syrup


Mr Buckleys

We came to this restaurant for drinks the previous night and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. Tried out the dinner menu’s lobster and slow roasted pork dishes. Decent food indeed and a nice way to end the evening

Cardamom, star anise & butternut squash soup 
Grilled whole lobster, chipotle chili hollandaise & skinny fries 

Slow roast pork, sweet potato puree, apple & sultana sauce 

            Thanks for reading friends. My Dubai post is long overdue, so keep an eye out for my next posting.


                                                                   See you soon X


  1. Viva TV
    March 15, 2018 / 10:44 pm

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    • Michael Makele
      March 22, 2018 / 8:12 pm

      Glad you like it 🙂

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