My new favourite East London Pub, The Morgan Arms.

Hello readers, hope your week’s going quite well. Friday can’t come soon enough for many, am willing to bet. I am looking forward to flying to Milan (Starhotels E.C.H.O) tomorrow for a few days break and i definitely cant wait to drink some good wine, eat some good food and chill with the girlfriend ( not in that particular order ofcourse).

Those are my weekend plans. I already made a good start to it however, by visiting one of my new favourite East London pub yesterday, the Morgan Arms. I visited a few weeks ago for lunch with a friend and actually liked it enough to come back for another visit. We had their delicious steak and Thai beef starter.

Lovely indeed. I came back for dinner last night and decided to help myself to a few selections of starters , mains and dessert.

Poached duck egg with a pea mousse, avocado , radish and gratin mustard dressing

A very fresh starter indeed. I quite liked it.

Grilled sardines on toast, balsamic red onion, basil, Mayo and Watercress

Pan fried Duck breast, sweet Potato and Celeriac gratin, baby vegetables and Sherry brandy jus

I absolutely loved the sweet Potato mash. The duck was quite decent as well. I guess that as a suggestion, they could try infusing some orange glaze into the duck. A bit like what i tried in my Dubai blog at Le petit Maison. 

Chocolate Truffles 

Quite Moorish truffles.

Chilli chocolate fondant and Ginger ice cream 

I really liked this dessert. Fondant was gooey on the inside with just that little hint of chilli. Went quite well with the ginger ice cream.

All in all I really liked everything I was served ( compliments to Gab, the chef). This coupled with the friendly staff ( Sam and the team ) and the nice atmosphere creates a winner in my books. In the words of a famous movie star robot turned governor, I”ll definitely be back. Possibly for the Sunday roast. I reviewed a pub called The swift dean house a few months ago and I rated the roast quite highly. Curious to see how Morgan arms fairs. Have heard a few good things over the net.

There goes this weeks blog. Hope you liked it. I am off to finally pack and get ready for my weekend trip.

                                                           See you soon and have a nice weekend.


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