Day out eating in Shoreditch

Hi all, just a quick blog detailing pictures taken from my day out in Shoreditch. My day revolved around a Spanish restaurant called Tramontana Brindisa. The dishes I had were the Patatas Bravas, Huevo Rotos, Chorizo in red wine , lamb chump with sweet potato mash and the Iberico pork shoulder loin. The stand out dishes were the Huevos Rotos and the Iberico pork shoulder loin. 

After this restaurant, we headed to a restaurant/bar called Mr Buckley’s. The ambience was quite relaxed and the cocktails were good. I actually enjoyed just having drinks at this place. I might go back tomorrow for some drinks and a meal.

There goes my Shoreditch evening. Am here for the weekend and will update the blog if and when I visit any new places.

                                                                    See you soon . X

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