Restaurant with a view: SkyGardens Darwin Brasserie

Hi readers, just a quick selection of pictures taken while visiting the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch street. The wide open spaces and skyline views makes this building one of the best places to visit in London. The gardens aren’t massive, but the views and atmosphere more than makes up for it. Speaking about views, i ate at a restaurant.

Sky Pod bar

I actually managed to book a seating at one of the restaurants, The Darwin Brasserie. The best thing about this restaurant were the views.The British cuisine menu catered for all visitors, as there was a choice of fish, pork, lamb and beef dishes, however the selections were limited. I have no issues with simple dishes, but sadly the creativity of the menu did not match up to what was possibly one of the best restaurant views in the capital.

Chargrilled Scottish Rib Eye Steak
Wild Mushroom and Truffled Leek Risotto
Impressive views indeed

Don’t get me wrong, the food tasted ok but my expectations were set too high due to the Skyline views and the pricing of the Steak, which was comparable to the Hawksmoor or Goodman’s.

Restaurant aside, you can also spend time at the Sky Pod bar having a drink while watching the

Sky Pod bar

All in all, The Sky Garden is definitely wort a visit, just make sure you grab a bite to eat before hitting the bar :).I am off to Dubai in a few days so I will try to blog about my adventure when I get back.

                                                                        See you soon

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