my foodie weekend at Balans and Tramshed.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend so far. I started off my foodie weekend by catching up with one of my closest friends for brunch at a London cafe called  Balans on the saturday then finished it off by dining out at Tramshed on the sunday evening. 


I actually only fancied something light, but that plan failed miserably, as you can see from the pictures above. I ordered the English breakfast, calamari and pancakes, with the exception of the eggs Benedict. Yes, that’s almost everything on the table as someone pointed out to me on Instagram later on during the day, but my friend was about to start talking about the meaning of life and as such I needed pancakes to get me through the discussions.

Balans at Westfield Stratford City
Eggs benedict with some nice smoked salmon
Masa coated fried squid with garlic mayonnaise
American pancakes with fruits
The full deal
Green tea

The waiter looked quite stunned when she started putting all the dishes on our table. We enjoyed the meal and finished it off with some green tea,  All in all it was a good afternoon indeed at a decent Cafe.


Sunday evening involved a meal at a nice restaurant in Shoreditch called Tramshed . The first thing that gets you when you enter the restaurant is the stuffed ‘cock and bull’ preserved in formaldehyde. The decor was quite trendy and spacious. The menu consisted mainly of chicken and steak. This was my 3rd visit to the restaurant in the past 12 months. They arguably serve some of the best roast chicken in London so give this place a go if you can. Admittedly I wasn’t blown away by the chicken on this visit as the skin tasted a little salty, that aside it still ended up being better than what is being served in many restaurants.

Cock and Bull Croquettes

Damien Hurst 

Stay tuned for many more weekend eats and reviews for some of the best places to eat in London.. If you have anywhere in mind that you would like me to try before you dine, leave a comment belowhave a good week and remember, food is love 🙂

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