London’s Best Sunday Lunch at The Dean Swift Pub.

I spent this lovely Sunday afternoon catching up with family ( That now includes you.. Natalie Makele) at a local beer house in Butlers Wharf called the The Dean Swift . A nice collection of beers and a very good menu makes the Dean Swift pub one of the best places to have a Sunday lunch in london .

Craft Beer and Dining at the Dean Swift

One of the many benefits of writing your own blog is that you can convince everyone that it’s in their best interests to order something different on the menu and then top it off by eating a few of their dishes for blog purposes. I think my younger brother knows this, so he never seems to go with it. Luckily his wife’s always around to give him a gentle tap behind the head every time he has a golem and the ring look about him.

Feast your eyes on some of the tasty dishes and desserts we ordered. I tasted everything in that picture so you can trust me when I say job well done to the chef 🙂


Rolled shoulder of lamb. Absolutely delish
Cauliflower and smoked Cheddar Pie with English Mustard Cream Sauce, Mash and Greens.

Whole English Poussin . Soft, tender and smoky like flavour ; Londons best sunday lunch at the Dean Swift pub
Whole English Poussin . Soft, tender and smoky like flavour. This chicken was very good indeed.

The main meals were a delight. The flavours and seasoning were all on point. The next course we ordered were the desserts. The two choices on the menu were:

Chocolate and Chestnut cake, Chocolate Sauce with Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

A pool of Chocolate streaming down the cake. A good dessert. However the next one below is even better

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream:

One of the Star dishes. Smooth and gooey on the inside. Intense taste of Toffee. This desserts a keeper. Thanks Nat

That sticky toffee pudding was a joy to behold. If you do get to visit sometime, make sure this lands on your table.

A lovely weekend away, nice afternoon, sumptuous food and good company ( see below for Pics). What more can one asks for.

Safe flight sis:)

Good Food = Happy faces

See you all later and have a nice week all

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