Delicious Crepes in the heart of East London.

Work in east London? or live in the area? Feel like spending a few minutes eating crepes while mulling over why you enjoy your job so much? Well I found a place that serves delicious crepes in the heart of east London (whitechapel) called the Crepeshop .

I tried the Nutella and Banana, the late Breakfast and the smoked salmon. All on different days ofcourse

Sweet and savoury Crepes with delicious fillings, a few baked goodies and some nice milkshakes are always a good way to start the day.

You can get up and watch the friendly chefs create your crepes in the cafes open kitchen. Check out that intense concentration. This guy definitely cares about my crepes.

Nutella and Banana

 If sweet crepes aren’t your thing, the savoury crepes are very good indeed. I had the pleasure of trying the smoked salmon and the late breakfast crepes. They were both delicious and highly recommended.

Late Breakfast: Turkey Ham, Free Range Egg and Cheddar Cheese
Beautiful runny yolk with sumptuous turkey rolled in crepes. Yum indeed.
Smoked Salmon, Lemon, Black pepper, Spring onions and Tartar sauce. Delish
A nice strawberry milkshake always goes down well.

A trendy café, rustic decor, chilled atmosphere and good food makes this a good place to spend a quiet morning or time away from the hustle and bustle of work. I should also mention that they have a basement gallery that showcases the work of various local artists. This weeks artist is Amede Vinxent Perez.

                                                   Hope you enjoyed the little read and pictures. 
                                                                             See you soon 🙂

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