Things to do in New York

New York, New York. I really love this city, it feels just like London, on a much larger scale. The feeling that comes to mind when you see all those tall buildings are quite hard to describe, it’s quite jaw dropping. There were so many things to do in New York, but I spent most of my time just enjoying the amazing views from my sisters sun deck in the middle of hells kitchen. IThanks for putting up with me sis.

Looking out of the window, while reading the Zagat guide at 6am. Massive fun

A Quick climb up to the sun deck to catch the sun rise. The view gets me all the time.

I must admit most of mornings involved a visit to a restaurant called La Bergamote. This lovely bistro has a huge selection of beautiful pastries in addition to an extensive brunch menu.This is definitely the place to go if you love your patisserie’s.

Their egg dishes are superb. If you ever visit and want to indulge yourself, try the eggs Benedict served with smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce and a sprinkle of caviare. Absolutely delightful. 

I followed this meal with a lovely dessert, ‘Success’ (almond meringue with Hazelnut buttercream and almonds) washed down with cold beer.

Brunch was always followed by a walk to central park. Soaking up some sun and watching the world go by is always a good way to spend an hour or 2 in my opinion.

A nice stroll to time square is always recommended as well. 

During my visit I ate at many amazing places, let me share with you the few I loved.

 Totto Ramen

Totto Miso Ramen

This is without doubt the best Ramen I have ever tasted. It was outstanding. There are normally long queues outside, so you have to time things perfectly if your going for lunch. I had to queue for 40 minutes the last time I went. It is a small place but if you’re fortunate enough to get a seat at the bar you’re in for a big treat. I ordered the Totto Miso Ramen and I still dream about it to this day. The soup was delicious and the pork was soft and tender. As I was eating the person next to me looked in my eye, soon followed by a wide grin. If that grin wasn’t an acknowledgement that we were experiencing something magical, I don’t know what is.  I should also mention that the service was extremely fast and the food was great value for money.


This cosy, East Village restaurant was an ideal place to have brunch. The menu was not as large as La Bergamonte, however the dishes they had were definitely exquisite. I have even heard some say its the best place to have brunch in New York. It is really top quality food.

 Brickyard Gastropub

This bar on 9th avenue was recommended by my sister. I loved it so much I visited a second time. Their beer menu had a good selection of american craft and import beers. The steak was juicy and tender with just the right amount of fat. The flavours were also bang on.

 Daisy mays

Daisy may ribs

A quick mention needs to go to Daisy Mays BBQ restaurant. They had some of the juiciest ribs have ever tasted. The meat fell apart ever so easily, with spices that tickled the taste buds. The rubs used on those meats really deserve an award. While staying in New York I actually used their deliveries a few times. Many a nights spent eating ribs, while chatting a way on the sun deck. Definitely a good option for those days you feel like spending some time indoors. ( by the way I didn’t eat all of that alone)

My evenings were spent enjoying the beautiful Newyork night sky. What can i say, i love the lights 🙂 

The Harbour

This post would not be complete without a picture of the lovely lady I spent all that time with. My sister, of course. Sorry I finished your Port. It really did go well with that ice cream

Stay classy  🙂

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