Sunday, March 26, 2017

Rok smokehouse and bar

Chocolate pudding with smoked beetroot ice cream
Hello readers..yes yes I know promised to blog about this restaurant a few weeks ago, but alas here I finally am. It has been a hectic few weeks with work and now the inspections are over I promise to try and post more often. It also helps that I have the week off. So here goes my first post of the week.

Rok smokehouse and bar 
This Nordic eatery on curtain road in Shoreditch serves some of the best cured British meats around. Having spent considerable time at a few very good restaurants in Shoreditch, I am happy to say that this is another nice addition to the list. The occasion this time was a catch up with a friend who normally spends her evening running round forests instead of enjoying all the culinary world has to offer. That's you Sue. We kicked off the evening with a few drinks.
Then followed the drinks by ordering a scallop in the shell with nduja and seaweed (£8) . Weirdly enough my non foodie friend actually knew what nduja was "It's a fiery spreadable pork salami". Jaws on the floor indeed.
Scallop in the shell with nduja and seaweed
  Cobble lane charcuterie with toasted sourdough and pickles was also a nice addition (£6)
Charcuterie with sourdough and pickles
  The main meal we ordered was the duck with bacon lingonberry jam and chanterelles (£16). The duck itself was cooked to perfection and the sweet jam accompaniment was just the perfect partner. 
Duck with bacon lingonberry jam and chanterelles
  I absolutely loved the sides we ordered..a charred squash with kale and blue cheese (£6) and charred broccoli salad with seeds,almonds and quinoa (£6)
Charred squash with kale and blue cheese
Charred broccoli salad with seeds, almond and quinoa
  The only dish I couldn't get my head around was the chocolate pudding with smoked beetroot ice cream dessert (£6). Her views echoed what I was thinking, that it just didn't work. The beetroot ice cream had a slightly bitter and sour taste and when you try it with the dark chocolate pudding , it just didn't  fully compliment each other.  
Birch syrup chocolate pudding with smoked beetroot ice cream
  Eating and discussions about life over, it was time to brave the gloomy rainy weather to find a place to drink more cocktails. I had a good time at Rok and it's definitely somewhere I would come back to. Something about Rok smokehouse reminds me of a restaurant I love in Bethnal Green called, paradise garage. Maybe it's the charred greens, but either way they are both two very good restaurants. 
Rok feast
    Hope you had a nice read and see ye soon readers.i went to Goodmans last night, so will probably blog about that during the week I reckon . Bye for now   
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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Japanese restaurant in Chelsea : Kiru

Japanese restaurant in Chelsea

 I was tasked with finding a decent Japanese restaurant in Chelsea by a few friends for a Saturday evening catch up and luckily enough I picked a Japanese restaurant in Chelsea called Kiru courtesy of Open table. I got to the restaurant based on Elystan street, at least 20 minutes before everyone, which wasn't bad considering I get everywhere late. So while waiting I ordered a bottle of sake described as the dulcet silk milk wonder, ShoChikubai Taruzake. This 375 ml bottle of cold sake priced at £25, was worth every drop. 
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