Sunday, December 18, 2016

Good Thai restaurants in London

Hello readers, how's your Christmas preparations coming along. I really need to start getting some pressies and not leave things till the last minute as usual. Much to do and not enough time. Anyways I thought I share a few pictures from two good Thai restaurants, Sino Thai and Busaba Eathai I ate at last week.

The first restaurant called Sino Thai based on London's Waterloo, Lower Marsh road served some of the best Thai duck dishes have had in ages. They have some delicious lunch time specials such as their Phad Phed ( stir fried curry with your meat selection) and Pad  Prik Pao ( stir fried Thai chilli paste and meat choosing) with steamed rice.

Pad Prik Pao

Pad Phed

The duck based dishes which goes for about £8.80 are £2 more expensive than individual chicken, beef or pork selections so make sure you really check what you are ordering or else the bill might be a bit steep for your run of the meal lunch breaks.  I should mention that they also serve a mean red duck curry. Customer service wise, they are quite efficient and attentive, however they had their eyes off the ball on Friday. The new waiter got my orders wrong twice and you could tell she didn't really want to be there. That aside though, the food did taste good and for that I have to recommend this place as a must visit for lunch.

 The second restaurant on my list, Busaba Eathai is quite well known as they have a chain of restaurants in the city. I went for a friends work leaving do and totally had a good evening. The customer service was quite professional unlike that of Sino Thai's and their seasonal specials menu wasn't bad either. For £19.90 you get prawn crackers, a selection of small plates such as their smoked duck and orange salad with chilli dressing. 
  And larger plates such as a tender chilli lamb with jasmine rice which was tasty, but needed a bit more chilli to give it that extra dimension. Spice it up a bit guys.   

Glazed jasmine beef rib with Thai slaw, rice or sweet potato fries. A good dish on the whole, but I felt it just needed to fall off the bone a bit more softly. The meat itself needed a bit more flavour I reckon. Thinking about it I now see why it comes with a little white pot of tangy sauce. Spreading that sauce on the beef, gives it that kick and elevates the taste somewhat.   

 Now would I come back to Busaba ? Definitely. They have some good tasty dishes at modest prices. I might have moaned about the chilli but alas, I blame that on my Nigeria taste buds..heck we even add scotch bonnets to our eggs for breakfast. That's why i always expect 2 out of 3 chilli ratings dish to pack a bit of heat. That aside though,  their balance of flavours isn't bad and I think they get it just right for mass appeal.   I had a good time at Busaba and I think it's the perfect place for big groups due to the bubbly atmosphere. You picked a good place for your leaving do Michelle.  


                                                     Goodbye from me and see ye soon readers.

                                                                         Michelle, you will do just fine.

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