Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tasty Jollof rice recipe.

Hello readers, hope you are having a great weekend. I spent last weekend learning how to cook jollof rice, plantain and roast pork. So what's Jollof rice,  I hear you whisper. Well it's rice in a tomato base spiced stew that originates from the western part of Africa. It's probably the most famous west African dish around and as such you find it at all west African parties, normally paired with fried plantains and a pyramid of delicious assorted meats ( Assorted is a Nigerians way of saying we have no idea what this meat is or where it came from, but by God it tastes good ). It's also one of the dishes that got my cousin and 2 of his mates into cooking, a desire which culminated into a lovely cookbook titled the ground nut filled with East and West African dishes. It's a really good introduction into African cooking, so check it out. 
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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Weekend in Berlin

Morning folks, hope your weekends going great as usual. I am currently spending mine in Berlin, so thought I should share a few clips of my time here. We stayed at a hotel (25 hours Hotel Bikini Berlin) right next to a large zoo in the middle of the city. The greenery in this city is definitely a contrast to the concrete jungles that's London. A jungle room at our hotel manages to capture all this greenery, so if you're into your wildlife and love playing spot the Orangutang, then these rooms are something you should enquire about.
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