Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jose Pizarro, Broadgate

Hello readers, how's that weekend coming along. I'm still in bed trying to shake off the few tequila shots I had last night. It was only supposed to be one drink, but you know how these things happen. An arm wrestle or two later with the birthday girl  and am glad I was able to crawl away from her 300th birthday in the nick of time as more shots might lead to me doing another 100 metre race in a random park ( don't bother asking ). So I kicked off this weekend with tequila, however last weekend had a more healthier and tastier start. I spent it at Jose pizarros restaurant in Broadgate circle or should I say around Liverpool street. Now some of you readers might know that I have an affinity for Spanish food or better still Jose's dishes. I loved it so much I blogged about two of his other restaurants based in Bermondsey, Jose Tapas bar and Jose Restaurant . So without further ado, how did this fare up to the others. Well let me just say that the food tasted as good as I remembered and the Saturday 50% discount courtesy of opentable also helped make it that more delightful. Hope you like the foodie pictures. God knows am hungry just writing this blog post. 

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